Xiao Ailin


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Wins Loses Winning percentage Winning percentage with Black Winning percentage with White
2 11 15.4% 20% 12.5%

Random Xiao Ailin game

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(; KM[6.5] AP[Free Climber 0 . 8 . 11 . 61] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] EV[1st Qisheng league] PW[Xiao Ailin] WR[1d] PB[Liao Kwanghong] BR[1d] RE[B+R] DT[2008-02-17] ;B[qd];W[dp];B[pp];W[dc];B[de];W[ce];B[dd];W[cd];B[ec];W[cf];B[df] ;W[dg];B[cc];W[db];B[bc];W[eb];B[cg];W[ch];B[bg];W[eg];B[fd];W[fc] ;B[ed];W[gd];B[ff];W[bf];B[bh];W[bi];B[ci];W[ah];B[dh];W[ag];B[ch] ;W[bj];B[cj];W[ck];B[dk];W[cl];B[bd];W[bl];B[gc];W[fb];B[hc];W[cb] ;B[bb];W[hd];B[id];W[hf];B[jc];W[eh];B[he];W[ge];B[gf];W[ie];B[fe] ;W[he];B[hg];W[je];B[dj];W[fi];B[gh];W[fk];B[jg];W[kg];B[kh];W[lg] ;B[lh];W[mg];B[lc];W[mh];B[le];W[ke];B[ld];W[mj];B[ai];W[aj];B[dl] ;W[cn];B[dn];W[cm];B[fl];W[gl];B[fm];W[gk];B[gn];W[dm];B[em];W[hn] ;B[ho];W[in];B[gm];W[hm];B[gp];W[io];B[ip];W[jp];B[iq];W[jq];B[dq] ;W[eq];B[ep];W[cq];B[dr];W[cr];B[er];W[do];B[qn];W[fq];B[fp];W[ba] ;B[gb];W[fa];B[da];W[ca];B[ga];W[ad];B[ae];W[af];B[aa];W[ab];B[ac] ;W[qf];B[qk];W[pd];B[pc];W[qc];B[qb];W[rc];B[pe];W[od];B[qe];W[pb] ;B[oc];W[oe];B[pf];W[nc];B[ob];W[nb];B[pa];W[rb];B[ra];W[na];B[oa] ;W[sa];B[sb];W[sc];B[jh];W[lf];B[nd];W[of];B[og];W[md];B[nf];W[ne] ;B[me];W[nd];B[pg];W[sa];B[lk];W[ng];B[mf];W[oh];B[ph];W[oi];B[pj] ;W[mk];B[sb];W[jd];B[ic];W[sa];B[ll];W[lj];B[kj];W[li];B[jk])

Xiao Ailin games

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Event Black White Result Date
4th Qionglong Cup 2nd round Li He Xiao Ailin B+7.5 2013-09-09 View
4th Qionglong Cup 1st round Xiao Ailin Manuela Marz B+R 2013-09-08 View
4th Haifong Cup 2nd round Lin Lixiang Xiao Ailin B+3.5 2012-11-01 View
4th Haifong Cup 1st round Zhou Keping Xiao Ailin W+0.5 2012-10-18 View
2nd Haifong Cup 1st round Chen Feng Xiao Ailin B+R 2010-09-02 View
14th Samsung Cup integration preliminary tournament Kim Daehee Xiao Ailin B+R 2009-08-05 View
9th Asian New Star Match (Team Korea vs Team Taiwan) Xiao Ailin Lee Sula W+R 2008-11-18 View
9th Asian New Star Match (Team China vs Team Taiwan) Song Ronghui Xiao Ailin B+R 2008-11-17 View
1st Qisheng league Rao Ruiyong Xiao Ailin B+R 2008-02-28 View
1st Qisheng league Liao Kwanghong Xiao Ailin B+R 2008-02-17 View

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