Play Capture-Go Online

by Sorin Gherman

Not sure how to play Go? The rules are very simple. Follow this external link for a tutorial.

Capture-Go (also known as "atari-Go") is a simplified version of the game of Go:

  1. Press "Start game" to start
  2. Click on the board to play.
  3. Check the game status on the right of the board
  4. When done, press "Reset" to start all over

Playing capture-Go is an excellent way for beginners to learn about the tactical fundamentals of Go. It is one of the first steps after learning the rules of Go.

The consequence of not allowing passes is that one has to build territories, so it's not very different compared to regular Go.

You can customize the board size, the type and strength of the computer opponent. You can even use this applet to play "capture Go" with another human player

Is Capture-Go too difficult, or do you feel like taking a break? Check out the "If You Need to Take a Brief Break From Go" page.

About the Capture-Go applet

There are two types of computer players:

The Settings dialog pops up only for the Alpha-Beta computer player.



If you want to know more about game trees (minmax, alpha-beta, etc) here is an excellent article by Dave Dyer: "Searches, tree pruning and tree ordering in Go"