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Fujitsu Cup, Round 2

Monday, April 13th, 2009
The seeded players joined the round 1 winners in this year’s Fujitsu Cup. After having a record number of players in round 2, Japan will have to be content with only two players in round 3, as Yamashita Keigo defeated Qiu Jun of China, and Kono Rin defeated Gu Li of China. This last win must mean a lot for Kono Rin (and for the Japanese team in general), since Gu Li seems to be number 1 in the world based on the number of international titles he won last year. Incidentally, Gu Li was last year’s Fujitsu Cup winner! Here is a photo of Yamashita (left) against Qiu Jun (Kono Rin is standing):
Fujitsu Cup 2009
And here is a photo of Kono Rin (right) against Gu Li:
Fujitsu Cup 2009
Hane Naoki (Japan) lost against Chang Hao (China), Cho U (Japan) lost against Lee Sedol (Korea), Takao Shinji (Japan) lost against Lee Changho (Korea), Iyama Yuta (Japan) lost against Kang Dongyun (Korea), Moriyama Naoki (Japan) lost again Piao Wenyao (China), and Xie He (China) lost against Park Yeonghun (Korea). Round 3, to be played on June 6th in Seoul, Korea, will have four Koreans, two Japanese and two Chinese players.
Fujitsu Cup 2009

Here is the game record between Kono Rin and Gu Li .


Tournament table and game records here.

Kisei Title, game 5, day 1

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008
Game 5 of the Kisei title started today: Cho (Black) played the last move of day one (49, in the upper-right corner) before Yamashita sealed his next move. While Cho cannot afford to lose any other game, Yamashita has a comfortable 3-1 lead so he only needs to win one of the next 3 games (including this one) in order to win this match and keep the title.

kisei 2008, game 5, day 1

Black seems to have more territory, but he also has several groups on the right hand side to worry about. The game will continue tomorrow.