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Lee Minjin defeats Tang Yi and Kato Keiko in Jeongganjang Cup

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
Lee Minjin of Korea (right in the photo below) eliminated Tang Yi of China from the 6th Jeongganjang Cup on April 1st. (Link to the game)

Lee Minjin vs. Tang Yi

Here is the after game discussion with Rui Naiwei.

Lee Minjin vs. Tang Yi

Then she eliminated Kato Keiko of Japan as well on April 2nd. (Link to the game)

Lee Minjin vs. Kato Keiko

Japan is eliminated from the competition. China is down to the last player, Rui Naiwei. Korea has, besides Lee Minjin, Park Jieun as well. Rui Naiwei is in an interesting position because during the past many years she has been playing in Korea. In particular, Lee Minjin eliminated Rui Naiwei from the Women Kuksu (but lost the final to Park Jieun 1-2) less than 2 weeks ago, so in today’s game Rui must be particularly motivated against Lee.

Guess Who Won (8)

Thursday, March 6th, 2008
Yashiro Kumiko of Japan (left in the photo) against Tang Yi of China.

Yashiro vs Tang

Tang won by resignation after a surprise killing of a group of Yashiro’s.


Yashiro vs Tang

Here is the beginning of the game (Tang plays Black):

Yashiro vs Tang

It’s interesting to notice the same joseki (and similar follow-up strategy) in the lower-left as the one played between Japan and China earlier in this tournament (the Aoki vs. Fan game). Also, compare the upper-right joseki with the one played in the previous game in the same tournament. (Link to game record)

Guess Who Won (7)

Thursday, March 6th, 2008
Tang Yi (left) was paired next against Lee Hanjin from Korea in Jeongganjang Cup.

Lee vs Tang

Tang won by 7.5 points. Here is the beginning of the game:

Lee vs Tang

It’s interesting to see:
  • the variation in the lower left: White prefers to build a thick position in gote with 14 and 16 nowadays instead of taking sente with 14 to the left of 9 and leaving bad aji behind.
  • how patient Black is with 33 (in most pro games I’ve seen Black attacks at 34 instead)
  • how Black plays 43 to “threaten to build a big go threat”: it’s not in itself a ko threat since the ko on the lower side hasn’t started yet, but if White responds to 43 in the upper left corner, Black can start the ko next and then she’ll have a clear ko-threat in the upper left.
(Link to the game record) Tang Yi is playing Yashiro Kumiko of Japan next.