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11th Nongshim Cup: Kim Jiseok Eliminated Takao Shinji

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Kim Jiseok of South Korea eliminated three opponents in a row in the 11th Nongshim Cup after defeating Takao Shinji 9p of Japan. He will be matched next with one of the remaining Chinese players the day after tomorrow, in the last day of the first stage of Nongshim Cup.

Kim Jiseok (white) won by half a point.

(;CA[Windows-1252]SZ[19]AP[MultiGo:4.4.4]EV[11th Nongshim Cup]DT[2009-11-27]PB[Takao Shinji] BR[9p]BT[Japan]PW[Kim Jiseok]WR[6p]WT[South Korea]KM[6.5]HA[0]RE[W+0.5]MULTIGOGM[1] ;B[pd];W[dd];B[qp];W[dq];B[oq];W[qf];B[nc];W[rd];B[qg];W[pg];B[qh];W[pf];B[qc];W[ph] ;B[qj];W[qi];B[ri];W[pi];B[do];W[co];B[cn];W[cp];B[fc];W[cf];B[db];W[dn];B[cm];W[en] ;B[cj];W[cc];B[jq];W[hc];B[ed];W[dc];B[cb];W[de];B[bc];W[bd];B[bb];W[ec];B[eb];W[fd] ;B[gc];W[gd];B[hd];W[hb];B[gb];W[jc];B[pj];W[rh];B[rg];W[sh];B[rk];W[rf];B[lc];W[je] ;B[gq];W[oo];B[np];W[pp];B[pq];W[qo];B[rp];W[mn];B[pn];W[on];B[qn];W[nj];B[he];W[ee] ;B[ig];W[ej];B[ch];W[eh];B[fg];W[md];B[ld];W[le];B[me];W[lf];B[ge];W[ga];B[fb];W[fe] ;B[ii];W[gi];B[ik];W[bi];B[bj];W[bh];B[bg];W[cg];B[ci];W[bf];B[bo];W[bp];B[ao];W[jp] ;B[iq];W[lp];B[in];W[kn];B[ne];W[am];B[bm];W[ho];B[kq];W[jj];B[ij];W[oe];B[nd];W[hh] ;B[ih];W[ap];B[al];W[bl];B[cl];W[ak];B[aj];W[dk];B[bk];W[bn];B[al];W[an];B[el];W[hg] ;B[if];W[gk];B[gj];W[fk];B[ck];W[hn];B[gh];W[fi];B[hi];W[kd];B[eg];W[lq];B[kp];W[ko] ;B[er];W[lb];B[kb];W[kc];B[mc];W[kh];B[ki];W[ji];B[im];W[hl];B[kg];W[kj];B[il];W[io] ;B[lg];W[li];B[km];W[kl];B[mg];W[mb];B[nb];W[jb];B[lm];W[ol];B[nh];W[ql];B[rl];W[jf] ;B[jg];W[nf];B[oj];W[rn];B[rm];W[oi];B[nk];W[ml];B[mk];W[ll];B[jn];W[jo];B[mj];W[ni] ;B[mi];W[qm];B[ro];W[kr];B[jr];W[mr];B[dr];W[cr];B[fq];W[ds];B[fo];W[fn];B[eq];W[eo] ;B[ep];W[go];B[ks];W[lr];B[hr];W[mm];B[si];W[sg];B[nr];W[rc];B[rb];W[qd];B[qb];W[lh] ;B[mh];W[pm];B[sn];W[po];B[dp];W[cq];B[bo];W[ao];B[es];W[cs];B[od];W[dl];B[dm];W[em] ;B[pe];W[hk];B[id];W[mf];B[of];W[og];B[kf];W[ke];B[ok];W[ns];B[os];W[sb];B[hj];W[rn] ;B[no];W[ka];B[ma];W[ls];B[js];W[ps];B[ms];W[dg];B[gf];W[ns];B[or];W[qn];B[fa];W[ha] ;B[ic];W[ib];B[na];W[la];B[dj];W[ek];B[hm];W[gm];B[qe];W[re];B[ad];W[ae];B[ac];W[ag] ;B[ai];W[ah];B[fp];W[hp];B[hq];W[fh];B[gg];W[nl];B[nn];W[nm];B[mo];W[lo];B[ra];W[ef] ;B[ie];W[dh];B[di];W[ms];B[oe];W[op];B[nq])

Complete tournament table is here.

Hane Naoki Keeps Honinbo Title

Thursday, July 16th, 2009
Hane Naoki defeated challenger Takao Shinji by 4:2 and keeps Honinbo title for one more year.
Hane Naoki keeps Honinbo title 2009
Hane, playing black, won the 6th game by 5.5 points. The game record is here.
(; KM[6.5] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] WR[9d] EV[64th Honinbo title match 6] RE[B+5.5] PB[Hane Naoki] BR[Honinbo] DT[2009-07-15,16] PW[Takao Shinji] ;B[qd];W[dc];B[dq];W[pp];B[ce];W[ed];B[oc];W[do];B[cm];W[cq];B[cr] ;W[cp];B[gq];W[dm];B[dl];W[er];B[dr];W[eq];B[ep];W[dp];B[fq];W[cl] ;B[ck];W[bl];B[em];W[dn];B[dk];W[bk];B[bj];W[bm];B[fo];W[nq];B[hc] ;W[qi];B[qg];W[cd];B[de];W[oi];B[ro];W[rp];B[qp];W[qo];B[qq];W[rq] ;B[po];W[qn];B[pq];W[op];B[rn];W[rr];B[qm];W[pn];B[om];W[on];B[nn] ;W[og];B[eb];W[bd];B[db];W[be];B[bf];W[ee];B[ef];W[ff];B[eg];W[fg] ;B[eh];W[cb];B[ge];W[fe];B[fc];W[oo];B[pm];W[oe];B[od];W[qe];B[re] ;W[pe];B[rf];W[nd];B[ne];W[md];B[me];W[ld];B[pd];W[ic];B[id];W[jd] ;B[ie];W[je];B[if];W[lg];B[jc];W[ok];B[qk];W[nm];B[nl];W[mm];B[ol] ;W[mj];B[cg];W[hg];B[kf];W[jf];B[ig];W[gb];B[fb];W[dd];B[ph];W[ib] ;B[jb];W[jg];B[hb];W[pi];B[jh];W[kg];B[oh];W[nh];B[mk];W[mi];B[kk] ;W[km];B[bb];W[ba];B[bc];W[ab];B[ac];W[ca];B[aa];W[hh];B[ih];W[ab] ;B[mq];W[nr];B[aa];W[fh];B[kp];W[eo];B[fp];W[br];B[mo];W[hk];B[il] ;W[hl];B[hm];W[lk];B[ll];W[ik];B[gj];W[lj];B[lm];W[gm];B[im];W[fn] ;B[fr];W[fi];B[gl];W[fl];B[gk];W[hj];B[fk];W[hi];B[bs];W[mp];B[lp] ;W[mn];B[ln];W[no];B[np];W[cs];B[ds];W[mp];B[lo];W[mr];B[np];W[bi] ;B[cj];W[mp];B[ak];W[lq];B[gn];W[jq];B[en];W[cc];B[bn];W[cn];B[bo] ;W[al];B[bq];W[bp];B[ar];W[ap];B[aj];W[nb];B[an];W[ao];B[lb];W[mb] ;B[ob];W[jk];B[kl];W[ei];B[di];W[ej];B[ek];W[iq];B[rj];W[ri];B[hp] ;W[hr];B[aq];W[so];B[rm];W[qj];B[rk];W[pk];B[rh];W[gd];B[gf];W[fd] ;B[gc];W[kc];B[kb];W[oa];B[pa];W[na];B[pb];W[sh];B[sg];W[si];B[pg] ;W[of];B[sp];W[sq];B[kj];W[jj];B[ki];W[bg];B[bh];W[ag];B[af];W[ae] ;B[cf];W[ii];B[la];W[ip];B[io];W[hq];B[jp];W[jl];B[jm];W[da];B[ea] ;W[sj];B[sk];W[dj];B[dh];W[kq];B[lh];W[nn];B[ml];W[gs];B[nk];W[nj] ;B[lc];W[kd];B[pl];W[fs];B[es];W[gr];B[qh];W[mg];B[qf];W[pr];B[sn] ;W[sp])
Hane captured this title from the same Takao last year, in a dramatic finale: Takao was leading the titile match 3:0 when Hane won the 4 remaining games.

Honinbo Title: Game 6, Day 1

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
The sixth game of the Honinbo title started yesterday in Japan, and will be concluded today. Hane Naoki, title-holder, leads 3:2 so far in this match, and only needs one more win to keep his title for one more year.
Honinbo 2009, game 6
Here is the position after day one. Hane plays black.
Honinbo 2009, game 6
Takao Shinji, the challenger in this match, handed the sealed move to Cho Chikun, main referee.
Honinbo 2009, game 6
The complete tournament table is here.

Honinbo Title: Takao Wins Game 5

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
Takao Shinji, the challenger in this year’s Honinbo Title, won game 5 by resignation in 167 moves.
Takao Shinji in game 5 of Honinbo 2009
Hane Naoki, title-holder, is still just one win away from keeping his title, as he leads 3:2. Game record here.
More photos here.

Honinbo Title, Game 4

Friday, June 19th, 2009
Hane Naoki, the title-holder, won game 4 in the Honinbo title match. He is leading the challenger, Takao Shinji, by 3:1 and only needs one more win to keep the title. Here is the game record.
Photo of Takao Shinji, sealing the last move of day one:
Honinbo Title 2009, game 4
Tournament table here. Webpage (in Japanese) of the sponsor for this tournament, Mainichi newspaper, including more photos here.

Honinbo Title, Game 3

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
Hane Naoki, Honinbo title holder, won the third game of the Honinbo title. He is leading 2:1.
Here is the game record.

Here is the position after day one:

Photo of Takao Shinji handing the sealed move to referee Rin Kaiho at the end of day one.

Game four will be played on June 18, 19.

Tournament table here. Mainichi webpage (in Japanese) here.

Honinbo Title, game 2, day 1

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
Second game of the best-of-seven title match for the Honinbo title started yesterday, and it will be concluded today. Here is a photo of Hane Naoki, title holder, handing the sealed move to the referee, Kobayashi Koichi.
Honinbo 2009, game 2
And here is the position after day one (Hane plays black):
Honinbo 2009, game 2, day 1
UPDATE: Takao, white, won the game. Here is the final position:
Honinbo 2009, game 2, final postion

Hane Naoki Wins First Game in Honinbo Title Defense

Thursday, May 14th, 2009
Hane Naoki won the first game in this year’s Honinbo title match by 2.5 points against the challenger Takao Shinji. Interestingly, last year’s Honinbo title match was played by these same players, but with roles reversed. Last year Takao Shinji was the title holder and won the first 3 games. Hane Naoki put up an extraordinary next and won all of the following four games.
Honinbo Title 2009, game 1
Here is the game record.
Here is a photo of Takao Shinji handing the sealed move at the end of day one.
Honinbo Title 2009, game 1
The next game will be played on May 27, 28.

Cho U Captures Judan Title

Thursday, April 16th, 2009
Cho U won game 4 and defeated Judan title holder Takao Shinji 3:1.
Judan Title 2009
Here is the game record. Cho U played black and killed Takao’s group on the lower side.
By capturing this title, Cho U holds an amazing five out of the seven major Japaense titles: Meijin, Judan, Tengen, Oza and Gosei. He also won Agon Cup, which is a blitz tournament.
Cho U, Judan 2009
Takao Shinji has no more title after losing Judan, but he qualified as the Honinbo title challenger and he is playing a best-of-seven match with title holder Hane Naoki starting on May 13th. All the game records from the Judan title are here.

Cho U Takes the Lead in Judan Title

Thursday, April 9th, 2009
Cho U won game three in his Judan title challenge against Takao Shinji, and leads 2:1. Judan is played in a best-of-five system, so one more win will give Cho the title.
Tengen Title 2009, game 3

Here is the game record .