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Rui Naiwei Defends Women Myeongin Title

Monday, February 8th, 2010

The strongest female professional player in the world, Rui Naiwei 9 dan, has defended Women Myeongin (the Korean equivalent of the Japanese Meijin) title by defeating Cho Hyeyeon 2:1.

Interestingly, this is the third year in a row when Cho Hyeyeon became challenger against Rui Naiwei.

Cho Hyeyeon started this title match well, winning by resignation in the first game, but Rui Naiwei won the following two games. Here is the record of the third game. Rui Naiwei, playing black, won by resignation.

(; EV[11th Female Myeongin title match 3] KM[6.5] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] PW[Cho Hyeyeon] WR[8d] DT[2010-02-08] BR[Female Myeongin] RE[B+R] PB[Rui Naiwei] ;B[pd];W[dd];B[qp];W[dq];B[oq];W[qf];B[nc];W[rp];B[qo];W[rd];B[do] ;W[co];B[cn];W[cp];B[fc];W[cf];B[qh];W[qc];B[pf];W[qe];B[pg];W[hc] ;B[db];W[fd];B[ec];W[gd];B[cc];W[dn];B[cm];W[ne];B[mf];W[en];B[cj] ;W[pe];B[me];W[jp];B[ed];W[ee];B[fe];W[ef];B[ff];W[hf];B[gg];W[di] ;B[dj];W[ei];B[fk];W[gi];B[hg];W[jf];B[id];W[ge];B[ig];W[jd];B[ic] ;W[jg];B[hi];W[gj];B[jh];W[kh];B[ji];W[lg];B[jk];W[ci];B[li];W[jc] ;B[jb];W[lc];B[ie];W[je];B[kb];W[if];B[hb];W[nd];B[bi];W[bh];B[bj] ;W[mq];B[ho];W[hq];B[bg];W[ah];B[bf];W[cg];B[be];W[hk];B[fn];W[fo] ;B[gn];W[eo];B[jo];W[jl];B[kl];W[ik];B[jj];W[jm];B[kp];W[km];B[ip] ;W[ll];B[mk];W[lk];B[lj];W[nl];B[ln];W[ml];B[mg];W[pk];B[ld];W[kc] ;B[mc];W[md];B[lb];W[le];B[iq];W[pi];B[ni];W[mh];B[nh];W[lh];B[oj] ;W[pj];B[of];W[nf];B[ng];W[oe];B[ph];W[mo];B[mn];W[nn];B[no];W[pq] ;B[qq];W[op];B[oo];W[or];B[pr];W[nq];B[qr];W[kr];B[jr];W[on];B[po] ;W[lo];B[kn];W[lp];B[kq];W[lq];B[jn];W[ks];B[il];W[fl];B[el];W[em] ;B[gl];W[fm];B[im];W[gk];B[ek];W[lm];B[pm];W[oi];B[nj];W[qm];B[pl] ;W[ql];B[qn];W[ok];B[rj];W[rk];B[qj];W[qk];B[lf];W[kd];B[eg];W[oh] ;B[og];W[gm];B[rm])

You can find the complete tournament table at this link.

Rui Naiwei Defeats Lee Hajin in Women Kuksu

Monday, March 9th, 2009
Rui Naiwei 9p defeated Lee Hajin 3p 2:0 in the Korean Women Kuksu final. In case you don’t know already, Lee Hajin keeps a very nice English Go/Baduk website. Make sure to have a look at the commented games as well.
Women Kuksu 2009, game 2

Here is the game record for game 1.


Here is the game record for game 2.

Tournament table here.

Hye Yeon’s Story About Her Baduk Pro Career

Saturday, January 24th, 2009
Hye Yeon Cho, 8 dan professional in South Korea, the top pro to keep an English blog, has recently started a series of articles about how she learned Go and then how she became a professional player, then about her many title games with Rui Naiwei 9p. The series seems to be inspired by her recent challenge for Women Myeongin title against Rui Naiwei 9p. Hye Yeon won the first game, but then lost the following two.     Rui Naiwei vs. Cho Hye Yeon   Here are the links to the articles so far:

Lee Minjin Wins Jeongganjang Cup for Korea

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
In a repeat of her last year’s performance, Lee Minjin 5p of Korea eliminated the last players of Japan (Kato Keiko) and China (Rui Naiwei) and won Jeongganjang Cup for her country. Here is the final game, against Rui Naiwei (link to game record).

The match generated a lot of excitement also among other professional players following the game:

Lee Minjin defeats Tang Yi and Kato Keiko in Jeongganjang Cup

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
Lee Minjin of Korea (right in the photo below) eliminated Tang Yi of China from the 6th Jeongganjang Cup on April 1st. (Link to the game)

Lee Minjin vs. Tang Yi

Here is the after game discussion with Rui Naiwei.

Lee Minjin vs. Tang Yi

Then she eliminated Kato Keiko of Japan as well on April 2nd. (Link to the game)

Lee Minjin vs. Kato Keiko

Japan is eliminated from the competition. China is down to the last player, Rui Naiwei. Korea has, besides Lee Minjin, Park Jieun as well. Rui Naiwei is in an interesting position because during the past many years she has been playing in Korea. In particular, Lee Minjin eliminated Rui Naiwei from the Women Kuksu (but lost the final to Park Jieun 1-2) less than 2 weeks ago, so in today’s game Rui must be particularly motivated against Lee.

Female Myeongin Prizegiving Ceremony

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008
Rui Naiwei and Cho Hye Yeon at the Female Myeongin prizegiving ceremony:

Rui Naiwei and Cho Hye Yeon

I already wrote an entry about the final. Also, a reminder that Cho Hye Yeon has a very nice English blog. She is actually the only professional player who keeps an updated blog in English – thank you for that, Hye Yeon! To point to just a few of her recent entries: there is an entry about the mirror-Go strategy, one about what is to be insei in Korea, and one about a decline in Go / Baduk popularity in Korea.

Rui Naiwei won Female Myeongin against Cho Hyeyeon

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008
Jujo is watching the game analysis of the second and final game in Female Myeongin: his wife, Rui Naiwei, won by 0.5 points against the challenger Cho Hyeyeon and kept her title.

Game record here.

Park Jieun defeats Rui Naiwei 2-1 in Yuanyang Cup

Friday, January 18th, 2008
Park Jieun (8d) defeated Rui Naiwei (9d) in the 1st Yuanyang Cup (the link on the Go Topics page also contains links to the games).

Rui won the first game by half a point, then Park won the next two by resignation. Here is a photo of Park commenting the final game.

First Go News of 2008

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008
In the first Go News of 2008, Rui Naiwei defeated Cho Hyeyeon in the first game of the 9th Female Myeongin (Korean equivalent of the Japanese Meijin). The link to the game record is here.

Rui Naiwei is already famous worldwide that she doesn’t need any more introduction. About Cho Hyeyeon (with the alternative spelling: “Hye Yeon”, as she writes on her own English blog) I wrote briefly in another blog entry. You can find more games of both players at by looking them up in the players page (partial names work too).