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Play Computer-Go Online at

Monday, December 24th, 2007
I just added a new feature at the capability of playing computer-go online, against the GnuGo engine. You can try it out here and please let me know what you think. If 361points doesn’t work well (it happens when many people try to play at the same time), one can also play computer-go on the original page. I am using the wonderful, recently released open-source library EidoGo for the user interface. I coded the server side myself – while EidoGo does come with integrated PHP scripts for GnuGo interaction, my website is based on Django, which is a Python web development framework, so I had to write the equivalent functionality in Python. Also, the first 9×9 game I tried on the EidoGo website, I realized that after both players pass there is no ending of the game: I found that frustrating so I added an “Estimation” button which makes a special call to GnuGo to retrieve a score estimation. That is pretty accurate in the end of the game, provided GnuGo can understand the status of all stones on the board. I also added the possibility to select the color one wants to play with, and the GnuGo level. I know GnuGo has interfaces in most of the popular SGF viewers – but being able to play against it online makes it so convenient. Myself I haven’t tried playing computer-go in a couple of years I think – and now that I’ve played several games against it while testing my website I was surprised of how well it does in many close fights. I got captured a couple of times very unexpectedly so be warned to count your liberties twice :-) .