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South Korea Wins the 8th Jeongganjang Cup

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Park Jieun 9 dan won the 8th Jeongganjang Cup for South Korea. Since all other Korean team members have been eliminated in the first 2 stages of this competition, Park Jieun had to defeat the last member of the Japanese team (Suzuki Ayumi) as well as the three remaining members of the Chinese team (Song Ronghui, Ye Gui and Li He, who won this competition last year for China).

China had a very strong start this year, just like last year, after Wang Chenxing won three games in a row, and it looked for a while as if it will have an easy win.

You can see below a photo and the record of the decisive game between Park Jieun and Li He.

Park Jieun played white and won by resignation..

(; RE[W+R] BR[2d] EV[8th Jeongganjang Cup 14th round] WR[9d] PB[Li He] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] KM[6.5] DT[2010-02-04] PW[Park Jieun] ;B[pd];W[dd];B[qp];W[dp];B[fq];W[cn];B[lq];W[qj];B[qg];W[qm];B[pn] ;W[qq];B[pq];W[pm];B[fc];W[cf];B[db];W[nc];B[pc];W[gc];B[gd];W[hc] ;B[hd];W[fb];B[ic];W[ib];B[jb];W[id];B[jc];W[ec];B[fd];W[eb];B[jf] ;W[ie];B[if];W[he];B[hb];W[gb];B[gf];W[ge];B[fe];W[hf];B[hg];W[ff] ;B[je];W[gg];B[jd];W[gf];B[hh];W[gh];B[hi];W[ph];B[pg];W[nh];B[fo] ;W[og];B[qh];W[pi];B[ne];W[oe];B[od];W[eq];B[fr];W[em];B[ek];W[gm] ;B[cg];W[dg];B[ch];W[bf];B[cl];W[cj];B[dj];W[ci];B[ck];W[di];B[ei] ;W[fj];B[ej];W[dh];B[gi];W[er];B[om];W[kp];B[kq];W[ip];B[en];W[dn] ;B[hn];W[fn];B[go];W[jn];B[lp];W[pp];B[op];W[jl];B[jo];W[pr];B[po] ;W[oq];B[nq];W[pp];B[fh];W[fg];B[pq];W[pf];B[qf];W[pp];B[eg];W[ef] ;B[pq];W[fi];B[fk];W[pp];B[bn];W[bo];B[pq];W[eo];B[hm];W[ol];B[nl] ;W[nm];B[on];W[ok];B[ml];W[lk];B[rq];W[pp];B[qr];W[hl];B[io];W[fp] ;B[gp];W[gq];B[gl];W[gr];B[mj];W[mk];B[nk];W[nj];B[ll];W[lj];B[mi] ;W[kl];B[mn];W[hk];B[gj];W[ln];B[mm];W[lh];B[ni];W[oj];B[li];W[ki] ;B[kj];W[kk];B[kh];W[jj];B[ji];W[mh];B[kj];W[fl];B[ki];W[gk];B[hq] ;W[fs];B[ri];W[me];B[nf];W[mf];B[nd];W[rj];B[rn];W[rm];B[ir];W[md] ;B[mc];W[lc];B[mb];W[lb];B[nb];W[lf];B[bm];W[ao];B[of];W[ob];B[oc] ;W[la];B[ma];W[is];B[jr];W[ko];B[jp];W[lo];B[mo];W[ha];B[sm];W[sl] ;B[sn];W[qn];B[ro];W[qi])

You can find the complete tournament table here.

Jeongganjang Cup: Song Ronghui in Driver’s Seat

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Song Ronghui 5 dan of China, the star of the previous edition (when she eliminated seven opponents in a row), is in the driver seat after defeating Mukai Chiaki of Japan.

Here is the game record. Song Ronghui (white) won by 4.5 points.

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50] PW[Song Ronghui]PB[Mukai Chiaki]WR[5d]BR[3d]DT[2009-12-25]EV[8th Jeongganjang Cup 10th round]RE[W+4.50] ;B[pd] ;W[dd] ;B[qp] ;W[dp] ;B[op] ;W[fq] ;B[pj] ;W[nc] ;B[qf] ;W[jd] ;B[cf] ;W[be] (;B[dj] ;W[ch] (;B[cn] ;W[eh] (;B[bp] ;W[cq] ;B[en] (;W[dm]LB[dn:A][do:B] ;B[do] (;W[iq] ;B[ep] ;W[eq] ;B[cp] ;W[dq] ;B[cj] (;W[fd] (;B[cc] (;W[cd] ;B[fb] ;W[db] ;B[lc] ;W[jc]LB[nd:B][le:A] (;B[le] ;W[pc] ;B[qc] ;W[qb] ;B[oc] ;W[pb] ;B[od] ;W[qd] ;B[rc] ;W[rd] ;B[rb] ;W[ra] (;B[kq] ;W[jg] (;B[lh] (;W[ol] (;B[ll] ;W[qo] ;B[po] ;W[qn] ;B[rp] (;W[qk] ;B[qj] (;W[pn] ;B[on] ;W[om] ;B[nn] ;W[rk] ;B[rj] ;W[sn] (;B[bh] ;W[cg] ;B[bg] ;W[bf] ;B[ci] (;W[fi] (;B[fj] ;W[gj] (;B[fk] (;W[ji] (;B[dh] ;W[dg] ;B[eg] ;W[df] (;B[gi] ;W[gh] ;B[hi] ;W[hh] ;B[hr] ;W[ir] ;B[hq] ;W[hp] ;B[ip] ;W[gq] ;B[ho] ;W[gp] ;B[jq] ;W[jr] ;B[kr] ;W[gr] ;B[js] ;W[hs] ;B[dc] ;W[ec] ;B[eb] ;W[cb] (;B[ob] ;W[sb] ;B[io] ;W[qe] ;B[pf] (;W[hk] ;B[je] ;W[ie] (;B[kb] ;W[jb] ;B[jf] ;W[if] ;B[kg] ;W[kh] ;B[lg] ;W[jl] (;B[ja] ;W[ia] ;B[la] ;W[ka] ;B[bc] ;W[bb] ;B[ja] ;W[ib] ;B[pk] ;W[pl] ;B[ro] ;W[rn] ;B[jm] ;W[im] ;B[km] (;W[nk] ;B[ei] ;W[fh] ;B[ni] ;W[rf] ;B[rg] ;W[sg] ;B[sh] ;W[sf] ;B[se] ;W[re] ;B[pe] ;W[sc] ;B[rl] ;W[ql] ;B[sk] ;W[sl] ;B[sj] ;W[rm] (;B[ki] ;W[jh] ;B[ij] ;W[hj] ;B[jj] ;W[kj] ;B[kk] ;W[li] ;B[il] ;W[hl] ;B[jk] ;W[ii] ;B[br] ;W[bq] ;B[aq] ;W[ke] ;B[kf] ;W[kd] ;B[ld] ;W[cr] ;B[rh] ;W[mm] ;B[mn] ;W[mi] ;B[mh] ;W[di] ;B[gm] ;W[ej] ;B[ek] ;W[gl] ;B[fl] ;W[gn] ;B[fn] ;W[hm] ;B[fm] ;W[ik] ;B[lj] ;W[mj] ;B[ki] ;W[ag] ;B[bi] ;W[kj] ;B[fc] ;W[ed] ;B[ki] ;W[so] ;B[sp] ;W[kj] ;B[ml] ;W[lk] ;B[kl] ;W[nm] (;B[in] ;W[mk] ;B[pa] ;W[lm] ;B[ln] ;W[oj] ;B[oi] ;W[ei] ;B[ah] ;W[af] ;B[ka] ;W[bs] ;B[ar] ;W[fp] ;B[eo] ;W[il] ;B[ks] ;W[cs] ;B[ap] ;W[go] ;B[oa] ;W[qa] ;B[kc]) (;B[mk] ;W[nj] ;B[oj] ;W[ln] ;B[lm] ;W[jn] ;B[kn] ;W[ko] ;B[lo] ;W[nl] ;B[ln] ;W[in] ;B[jo] ;W[go])) (;B[rh] ;W[mm] ;B[mn] ;W[gm] ;B[fl] ;W[bq] ;B[aq] ;W[ar] ;B[ap] ;W[kk] ;B[br] ;W[cr] ;B[as])) (;W[kj])) (;B[km] ;W[ld])) (;B[ij] ;W[jk] ;B[ik] ;W[il] ;B[gk] ;W[jj] ;B[hl] ;W[jm])) (;W[hj])) (;B[kb] ;W[jb] ;B[qe] ;W[sb] ;B[re] ;W[sc] ;B[ob] ;W[io] ;B[jp] ;W[hn])) (;B[fh] ;W[ei] ;B[gi] ;W[gh] ;B[hi] ;W[hh] ;B[hj] ;W[ii])) (;B[gi] ;W[gh] ;B[hi] (;W[hj] ;B[hh] ;W[hg] ;B[dh] ;W[dg] ;B[eg] ;W[df] ;B[ei] ;W[fh] ;B[gg]) (;W[hh]))) (;W[gi])) (;B[gi] ;W[gh] ;B[hi] ;W[ej] ;B[fk] ;W[ek])) (;B[ih]) (;B[hh])) (;W[fh])) (;B[hg]) (;B[gh])) (;W[pk] ;B[oj] ;W[pn])) (;W[pk] ;B[qk] ;W[ql] ;B[ok] ;W[pl] ;B[qj] ;W[ml])) (;B[ml] ;W[ql] ;B[qj])) (;W[qq] ;B[pq] ;W[qo] ;B[rp] ;W[po] ;B[pp] ;W[ql])) (;B[kh])) (;B[jf])) (;B[nd])) (;W[dc] ;B[bf] ;W[bg] ;B[dg] ;W[dh] ;B[cd])) (;B[lc]) (;B[me] ;W[ld] ;B[kf])) (;W[ne])) (;W[ck])) (;W[kp])) (;B[ci] ;W[bh] ;B[bp])) (;B[dh])) (;B[bf] ;W[ci] ;B[cd] ;W[cc] ;B[ce] ;W[bc] ;B[ed] ;W[dc] ;B[ef] ;W[de] ;B[fg] ;W[ee] ;B[fe] ;W[gf] ;B[ff] ;W[gc]C[Black looks heavy.]))

After Song Ronghui’s victory, there is only one player left for each of South Korea and Japan, and three players for China. Song Ronghui’s next opponent is Park Jieun 9 dan of South Korea, on February 1st 2010. Park Jieun is the one who eliminated Song Ronghui last year, so this encounter is Song Ronghui’s chance for revenge.

The complete tournament table is here.

Lee Minjin defeats Tang Yi and Kato Keiko in Jeongganjang Cup

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
Lee Minjin of Korea (right in the photo below) eliminated Tang Yi of China from the 6th Jeongganjang Cup on April 1st. (Link to the game)

Lee Minjin vs. Tang Yi

Here is the after game discussion with Rui Naiwei.

Lee Minjin vs. Tang Yi

Then she eliminated Kato Keiko of Japan as well on April 2nd. (Link to the game)

Lee Minjin vs. Kato Keiko

Japan is eliminated from the competition. China is down to the last player, Rui Naiwei. Korea has, besides Lee Minjin, Park Jieun as well. Rui Naiwei is in an interesting position because during the past many years she has been playing in Korea. In particular, Lee Minjin eliminated Rui Naiwei from the Women Kuksu (but lost the final to Park Jieun 1-2) less than 2 weeks ago, so in today’s game Rui must be particularly motivated against Lee.

Park Jieun defeats Rui Naiwei 2-1 in Yuanyang Cup

Friday, January 18th, 2008
Park Jieun (8d) defeated Rui Naiwei (9d) in the 1st Yuanyang Cup (the link on the Go Topics page also contains links to the games).

Rui won the first game by half a point, then Park won the next two by resignation. Here is a photo of Park commenting the final game.