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Fujitsu Cup Finalists Decided: Lee Changho and Gu Li

Saturday, July 5th, 2008
The Fujitsu Cup semifinals took place yesterday. One game matched Lee Changho of Korea against Liu Xing of China. Lee (on the left side in the photo) won by resignation.

Fujitsu Cup 2008 - Semifinals

The second game matched the two top Chinese players: Gu Li and Chang Hao. Gu (on the left side in the photo) won by resignation.

Fujitsu Cup 2008 - Semifinals

I love the look on the face of Cho Hunhyun (standing, right) as he watches his ex-student, Lee Changho, after Lee’s win.

Fujitsu Cup 2008 - Semifinals

Cho Hunhyun chatting with Otake Hideo of Japan, presumably about the two undergoing semifinals (games are being replayed on the two boards in front of them). (Cho Hunhyun was insei and became professional in Japan before coming back to Korea).

Fujitsu Cup 2008 - Semifinals

The final between Lee Changho and Gu Li will be played tomorrow in Tokyo, Japan.

Kisei Title – can Cho recover from 1-3?

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008
The next Kisei Title game between Yamashita Keigo and Cho Chikun will be today. Yamashita leads Cho 3-1, which means that one more win will assure Yamashita of keeping his title again this year. Will Cho be able to make a recovery from this uncomfortable score? The Nihon Ki-in website published a table with the history of best-of-seven titles where one of the players recovered from 1-3 (or even from 0-3) to win the title. Out of 10 such cases, Cho recovered 3 times from 0-3 to win the title: against Fujisawa Shuko in Kisei, 1983, against Otake Hideo in Meijin, 1984, and against Kobayashi Koichi in Honinbo, 1992. Cho also came back once from 1-3 to win the Honinbo title in 1990, also against Kobayashi Koichi. Cho was also on the the other side of “miraculous comebacks” once: he led 3-0 against Rin Kaiho in Honinbo 1983 before losing the title 3-4.

So Cho Sensei is the master of comebacks. He is renowned for doing his best under pressure. I’m sure we’ll see an exciting game later today!