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Computer Wins 9×9 Game Against Top Pro

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

The computer-Go system Mogo won for the first time against a top professional player (Zhou Junxun 9p, winner of international LG Cup in 2007) in an even game on a small, 9×9 board.

Game record below. Mogo played black and gave 7.5 points komi.

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Chinese]SZ[9]KM[7.50]TM[2700] PW[nutngo]PB[MoGoTW9X9]DT[2009-10-26]PC[The KGS Go Server at]C[MoGoTW9X9 [-\]: GTP Engine for MoGoTW9X9 (black): MoGo version MoGo version 4.86.Soissons: I’ll resign if you win and playing until you pass if I win. If you passed and I did not, it often means that the status of some stones are not clear enough for me (I want to be sure we will agree on dead stones). Clarify them. Maybe I am losing, but have not enough time to be sure I should resign. In this case play until the end :’( (very rare cases) ]RE[B+Resign] ;B[ee]BL[2699.494] ;W[ge]WL[2652.472] ;B[gf]BL[2699.208] ;W[ce]WL[2597.429] ;B[cd]BL[2698.918] ;W[ff]WL[2574.488] ;B[fe]BL[2698.64] ;W[gg]WL[2573.551] ;B[hf]BL[2698.336] ;W[gd]WL[2572.792] ;B[fg]BL[2490.513] ;W[ef]WL[2569.373] ;B[de]BL[2283.362] ;W[fh]WL[2451.256] ;B[eg]BL[2092.766] ;W[df]WL[2436.298] ;B[gh]BL[1919.531] ;W[dg]WL[2431.654] ;B[hg]BL[1757.395] ;W[bd]WL[2340.808] ;B[cc]BL[1756.26] ;W[ec]WL[2283.551] ;B[be]BL[1755.969] ;W[cf]WL[2281.403] ;B[bf]BL[1755.694] ;W[eh]WL[2271.753] ;B[dd]BL[1610.253] ;W[bg]WL[2268.966] ;B[gc]BL[1476.576] ;W[fd]WL[2260.802] ;B[hc]BL[1354.659] ;W[fc]WL[2151.486] ;B[db]BL[1243.165] ;W[hd]WL[2141.275] ;B[gb]BL[1140.924] ;W[fa]WL[2119.7] ;B[id]BL[1047.266] ;W[ie]WL[2112.227] ;B[he]BL[961.171] ;W[ic]WL[2109.32] ;B[ib]BL[882.168] ;W[ha]WL[2104.112] ;B[id]BL[809.979] ;W[bc]WL[2100.375] ;B[bb]BL[743.745] ;W[ic]WL[2097.445] ;B[fb]BL[683.217] ;W[eb]WL[2094.669] ;B[id]BL[626.972] ;W[af]WL[2082.434] ;B[ga]BL[576.013] ;W[ab]WL[2068.078] ;B[ea]BL[529.084] ;W[ba]WL[2060.281] ;B[cb]BL[486.46] ;W[gg]WL[2057.484] ;B[hi]BL[447.483] ;W[fg]WL[2053.419] ;B[ih]BL[411.532])

You can read the full report on the blog of Olivier Teytaud, one of Mogo’s creators.

New Record in Computer-Go

Friday, August 8th, 2008
After defeating a 5 dan professional on 9×9 in an even game earlier this year, the computer-Go program Mogo broke a record on the normal, 19×19 size board, by winning against an 8 dan professional with 9 stones handicap. During a demonstration match at this year’s US Go Congress, a 19×19, 1 hour thinking time game was arranged between Mogo and Kim MyungWan 8p of Korea. The computer program took 9 stones handicap and won by 1.5 points. Here is the game record with a few variations shown by Kim MyungWan after the game. (You can also download it).
A similar 19×19/9 handicap game was played also at the time of the 9×9 match earlier this year; at that time, though, Catalin Taranu 5p won easily with 9 stones.

The Game of Go Mentioned in Financial Results

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
The game of Go is mentioned in the financial results of the French company Bull, which is an “expert in open, flexible and secure information systems and one of Europe’s leading players in the IT industry”:
“And for the first time ever, a supercomputer has recorded an official victory against a grand master in the game of Go. The game is more complex than chess, with more different possibilities than the number of particles in the known Universe. So this world first – which combined the use of a NovaScale supercomputer and artificial intelligence software developed by INRIA (the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) – represents a real achievement.”
The reference seems to be to the 9×9 match between Catalin Taranu 5p and the computer-Go program Mogo, about which I wrote an article a while ago, when Mogo won one game of the 3. There will be soon another match between Mogo and a professional player, this time Kim Myungwan 8p of Korea. The match will be played on August 7th on KGS, at 1:00 PM PST in the Computer Go room. The board will be the normal 19×19 this time, and there will be some preliminary games to establish what the proper handicap should be (Catalin previously won against Mogo on 19×19 by giving it 9 stones handicap). Link to complete Bull financial results article.

Catalin Taranu 5p vs. Mogo Computer-Go bot

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008
During the Paris Go Tournament this weekend there was a demonstration match between Catalin Taranu 5 dan professional and Mogo which is one of the best Computer-Go programs in the world. They played a “best of 3″ match on 9×9 with all games on even, 7.5 points komi. Catalin won by 2-1, but the game won by Mogo shows that there was very much progress in Computer-Go during the past few years. I wrote an article about this match, where you can also replay the game records.