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Iyama Yuta Captured Meijin Title

Thursday, October 15th, 2009
Iyama Yuta defeated title-holder Cho U in the fifth game and captured the Meijin Title with a convincing 4:1 score.


Here is the final position: Cho U (black) resigned after white’s marked move in the upper-left.


(;AP[MultiGo:4.2.1]SZ[19]GN[Meijin Title 2009, game 5]DT[2009-10-15]PB[Cho U] PW[Iyama Yuta]KM[6.5]HA[0]RE[W+R]US[]MULTIGOGM[1] ;B[pd];W[dp];B[qp];W[dc];B[fq];W[cn];B[lq];W[ip];B[de];W[cg];B[cc];W[gc];B[gd];W[hd] ;B[dd];W[db];B[dh];W[dg];B[eg];W[ch];B[di];W[ci];B[dj];W[ck];B[ef];W[fd];B[ge];W[ic] ;B[dq];W[cq];B[ep];W[dr];B[do];W[eq];B[er];W[dq];B[fp];W[en];B[dn];W[dm];B[eo];W[co] ;B[em];W[fn];B[ho];W[gm];B[dl];W[cm];B[fm];W[gn];B[hp];W[kp];B[in];W[lp];B[nq];W[gk] ;B[dk];W[cj];B[kn];W[mq];B[mr];W[mp];B[kr];W[mn];B[ll];W[pp];B[pq];W[po];B[op];W[oo] ;B[qo];W[pm];B[if];W[jk];B[jd];W[jc];B[qn];W[nl];B[lj];W[ki];B[jj];W[fh];B[eh];W[el] ;B[fl];W[fk];B[ek];W[gl];B[el];W[kj];B[kk];W[jm];B[ji];W[jh];B[ih];W[jn];B[jo];W[iq] ;B[io];W[ko];B[jp];W[ii];B[ij];W[ik];B[hj];W[kl];B[lk];W[lm];B[nj];W[kq];B[jq];W[lr] ;B[pj];W[kd];B[nd];W[kf];B[ld];W[kc];B[le];W[ke];B[pn];W[on];B[ql];W[qd];B[qe];W[pc] ;B[qc];W[rd];B[re];W[rc];B[qb];W[pe];B[od];W[qf];B[rf];W[jr];B[ir];W[ks];B[is];W[rg] ;B[pf];W[se];B[qg];W[sf];B[oe];W[pb];B[rb];W[sb];B[rh];W[qa];B[jg];W[qm];B[rm];W[pl] ;B[qk];W[or];B[pr];W[oq];B[os];W[np];B[nr];W[fi];B[fe];W[ed];B[ec];W[eb];B[mg];W[op] ;B[ps];W[mc];B[bf];W[bc];B[cb];W[bb];B[cd];W[ca])
Full tournament table here. This is Iyama Yuta’s first major title in Japanese Go, but I am sure we’ll see more of him. Cho U is still the dominant player in Japan based on the number of titles he is holding right now (four out of seven).

Iyama Yuta Wins Game 4, One Win Away From Meijin

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009
Iywma Yuta, challenger in this year’s Meijin title, won game four. Since he is leading now 3:1, he is only one win away from capturing the title from Cho U.

The game record is here. Iyama Yuta played black and won by resignation.

34th Meijin Title, Game 4, Day 1

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009
The fourth game of the Japanese Meijin title started yesterday. The score is 1:1 so far. Iyama Yuta, challenger, leads by 2:1 so far. He sealed move 83 at the end of day one, and can be seen in the photo below handing the envelope with the sealed move to referee Kataoka Satoshi 9p.


Here is the position just before the sealed move. The lower half of the board is pretty much settled after several exchanges took place. The game will be decided by the fight in the upper half of the board.


Iyama Yuta Takes the Lead in Meijin 2:1

Friday, September 25th, 2009
Iyama Yuta took the lead in his Meijin title challenge when he defeated title holder Cho U by resignation in game three.

The game record is here.

Here is the video of the game commentary by Takao Shinji:

Game four is scheduled for October 7th and 8th. The complete tournament table can be found here.

Meijin Game 3, Day 1

Thursday, September 24th, 2009
The third game of the Japanese Meijin title started yesterday and will be concluded today. The score is 1:1 so far. Iyama Yuta, the challenger in this match, sealed move 86 at the end of day one.


Here is the game situation just before the sealed move. Where do you think Iyama’s sealed move was?


Cho U – Iyama Yuta 1:1 in Meijin

Thursday, September 17th, 2009
Iyama Yuta won the second game of the Meijin title match by resignation, thus evening the score so far.
Meijin 2009, game 2

The game record is here. The beginning of the game looked strange to me – Cho U (white) built a lot of central influence by choosing to play two avalanche joseki, but all that influence got ruined pretty quickly… at least that’s my perception.

Here is a video commentary by Cho Chikun:

Complete tournament table here. Game three will be played on September 24th and 25th.

Meijin Title: Cho U Wins First Game

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Cho U, Japanese Meijin title-holder, won the first game in this year’s title match against challenger Iyama Yuta by half a point.

Meijin 2009, game 1

Here is the game record.

The next game will be played on September 16, 17.

Tournament table here.

Mejin Title, Game 1, Day 1

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
The Japanese Meijin title has started today. Challenger Iyama Yuta, 8 dan, is trying to capture the title from Cho U who holds 5 of the 7 major Japanese Go titles. Here is the game record of day one – the game will be concluded today.

Meijin Title 2009, game 1, day 1

And here is a photo of Iyama handing the sealed move at the end of day one to referee Ishida Yoshio 9 dan.

Meijin Title 2009, game 1, day 1

Complete tournament table here.

First Go News of 2008

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008
In the first Go News of 2008, Rui Naiwei defeated Cho Hyeyeon in the first game of the 9th Female Myeongin (Korean equivalent of the Japanese Meijin). The link to the game record is here.

Rui Naiwei is already famous worldwide that she doesn’t need any more introduction. About Cho Hyeyeon (with the alternative spelling: “Hye Yeon”, as she writes on her own English blog) I wrote briefly in another blog entry. You can find more games of both players at by looking them up in the players page (partial names work too).

Cho U Captures Meijin Title by 4:3

Friday, November 9th, 2007

Cho U won the 7th game of the Meijin Title and captured the title from Takao Shinji by 4:3.

After leading by 3:1, Cho saw Takao closing the gap and the score became 3:3. According to some statistics I read in Go World a while ago, it is most likely that whoever makes the comeback has the most chances to win the decisive game, but that wasn’t the case this time.