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Kong Jie Wins LG Cup

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Kong Jie of China has all the reasons to be happy: he has defeated Lee Changho of S. Korea in the final of the international LG Cup.

Kong Jie won the best-of-three final with two straight wins. Since he has already won Samsung Cup and Asian TV Cup, this win puts Kong Jie in the number one position in the world judging by the number of international competitions won in the last year.

Here is the record of the first game. Kong Jie, playing white, won by 2.5 points.

(; RE[W+2.5] BR[9d] EV[14th LG Cup final round 1] WR[9d] PB[Lee Changho] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] KM[6.5] DT[2010-02-22] PW[Kong Jie] ;B[qd];W[pp];B[dc];W[cp];B[ep];W[ce];B[di];W[od];B[ld];W[fd];B[de] ;W[df];B[ee];W[cd];B[ec];W[cc];B[ef];W[dg];B[eg];W[nc];B[lb];W[pf] ;B[rf];W[qc];B[rc];W[rb];B[pc];W[qb];B[pd];W[rd];B[re];W[sc];B[oe] ;W[pe];B[qe];W[fp];B[eo];W[ne];B[of];W[eq];B[fo];W[dq];B[og];W[gp] ;B[qn];W[np];B[on];W[kf];B[je];W[jf];B[if];W[ig];B[ie];W[qo];B[rn] ;W[pi];B[pk];W[ni];B[mf];W[mh];B[pg];W[nk];B[lq];W[jq];B[lg];W[mn] ;B[ki];W[qk];B[qj];W[pj];B[rk];W[ql];B[rl];W[qi];B[rj];W[pl];B[ol] ;W[ok];B[ij];W[hn];B[jr];W[iq];B[oq];W[pq];B[pr];W[qr];B[nr];W[op] ;B[ir];W[hr];B[kr];W[dk];B[bg];W[bf];B[ck];W[dl];B[cl];W[cm];B[dj] ;W[bk];B[bm];W[bl];B[cj];W[cn];B[fk];W[ob];B[pb];W[pa];B[pm];W[mb] ;B[mc];W[gk];B[gj];W[hk];B[hj];W[fl];B[ek];W[el];B[cb];W[bb];B[db] ;W[nf];B[me];W[la];B[ka];W[ma];B[kc];W[ng];B[rh];W[is];B[hq];W[hp] ;B[mq];W[ps];B[or];W[bh];B[ch];W[cg];B[bn];W[bo];B[bj];W[an];B[dh] ;W[ag];B[jl];W[ro];B[os];W[qs];B[js];W[hs];B[oh];W[lh];B[kh];W[nd] ;B[rq];W[qq];B[so];W[sp];B[sn];W[rp];B[qm];W[md];B[lc];W[kg];B[le] ;W[mg];B[lf];W[pk];B[ba];W[ab];B[gq];W[gr];B[bc];W[bd];B[ik];W[im] ;B[jm];W[ri];B[si];W[hl];B[jo];W[lj];B[kj];W[lk];B[ip];W[kk];B[in] ;W[fq];B[hm];W[gm];B[il];W[hm];B[lm];W[dd];B[ed];W[nl];B[ak];W[am] ;B[mm];W[ko];B[kp];W[kn];B[jn];W[mo];B[bi];W[nm];B[km];W[om];B[se] ;W[sd];B[ml];W[mk];B[li];W[mi];B[oi];W[jk];B[jj];W[oj];B[aj];W[al] ;B[ah];W[ai];B[ln];W[lo];B[ah];W[bg];B[ho];W[go];B[nn];W[po];B[pn] ;W[io];B[jp];W[qh];B[qg];W[hq];B[kq];W[nq];B[mr];W[no];B[ai];W[ho] )

Here is the record of the second (and last) game. Kong Jie, playing black, won by 1.5 points.

(; KM[6.5] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] BR[9d] RE[B+1.5] WR[9d] EV[14th LG Cup final round 2] DT[2010-02-24] PW[Lee Changho] PB[Kong Jie] ;B[pd];W[dd];B[qp];W[dq];B[co];W[cj];B[nq];W[cp];B[do];W[fq];B[cl] ;W[qf];B[qi];W[nd];B[pf];W[qc];B[pc];W[pg];B[qe];W[of];B[pe];W[rg] ;B[og];W[ph];B[nf];W[re];B[rd];W[pi];B[oe];W[qk];B[jc];W[ke];B[fc] ;W[df];B[qm];W[ld];B[se];W[ec];B[fd];W[ie];B[hd];W[kb];B[jf];W[je] ;B[gf];W[hg];B[gg];W[hh];B[gh];W[hi];B[gi];W[gj];B[fj];W[fk];B[ej] ;W[dk];B[ek];W[dl];B[gk];W[hj];B[fl];W[cm];B[cg];W[be];B[hq];W[em] ;B[fo];W[dg];B[ho];W[gp];B[hp];W[gr];B[hr];W[nn];B[jg];W[kh];B[lf] ;W[kf];B[di];W[ci];B[kg];W[lg];B[lh];W[mg];B[jh];W[ki];B[ji];W[jj] ;B[mh];W[mf];B[me];W[le];B[ng];W[lf];B[kj];W[li];B[ij];W[jk];B[ik] ;W[kk];B[ni];W[nh];B[oh];W[mi];B[nh];W[mk];B[hk];W[ne];B[nj];W[nl] ;B[mc];W[nb];B[nc];W[mb];B[qj];W[pj];B[rk];W[rl];B[ql];W[pk];B[rj] ;W[pl];B[lc];W[kc];B[lb];W[oc];B[ob];W[la];B[od];W[md];B[oc];W[ic] ;B[hf];W[qo];B[rm];W[qq];B[pp];W[rp];B[pq];W[qr];B[ro];W[rn];B[qn] ;W[so];B[po];W[ro];B[sq];W[sr];B[on];W[om];B[lo];W[lm];B[ib];W[hc] ;B[eb];W[db];B[da];W[ca];B[fa];W[ea];B[dh];W[ch];B[da];W[hb];B[gq] ;W[fr];B[ha];W[ea];B[bo];W[bq];B[da];W[jb];B[cb];W[ea];B[rr];W[rq] ;B[da];W[sm];B[sl];W[ea];B[id];W[jd];B[da];W[if];B[ig];W[ea];B[ss] ;W[pr];B[or];W[rs];B[da];W[oo];B[pn];W[ea];B[km];W[kn];B[da];W[ii] ;B[ih];W[ea];B[kl];W[jm];B[jl];W[lk];B[il];W[ln];B[mo];W[mn];B[da] ;W[sf];B[dc];W[sd];B[rc];W[ko];B[kq];W[bc];B[al];W[bl];B[am];W[bk] ;B[sc];W[ma];B[cd];W[cc];B[ed];W[de];B[bb];W[bd];B[no];W[kp];B[ps] ;W[sr];B[lq];W[lp];B[mp];W[qb];B[rb];W[fp];B[fn];W[ep];B[dn];W[in] ;B[se];W[rf];B[bm];W[dm];B[bp];W[aq];B[dp];W[cq];B[ia];W[gb];B[ga] ;W[he];B[gd];W[ak];B[cn];W[rh];B[qh];W[qg];B[gs];W[fs];B[hs];W[jq] ;B[jr];W[iq];B[io];W[jp];B[hn];W[ir];B[is];W[ab];B[eg];W[ef];B[fg] ;W[sj];B[ri];W[si];B[im];W[jn];B[ll];W[ml];B[mj];W[lj];B[fb];W[fm] ;B[gm];W[go];B[gn];W[ap];B[ao];W[nk];B[oj];W[ok];B[qd];W[dj];B[ba] ;W[sn];B[sd];W[ka];B[oa];W[na];B[qa];W[sh];B[os];W[jc];B[rl];W[ac] ;B[of])

You can find the complete tournament table here.

Gu Li Won LG Cup

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
Gu Li won the second game of the LG Cup final against Lee Sedol, thus winning this top international competition.
Lee Sedol vs Gu Li, LG Cup 2009, game 2
Here is the game record of this second and last game of the final.
To qualify for the final, Gu Li defeated Mok Jinseok 9p of Korea, Won Sungjin 9p of China, Kim Hyeongwoo 3p of Korea and Lee Changho 9p of Korea. This must have also been “sweet revenge” for Gu Li, as he lost to Lee Sedol in Nongshim Cup last week, thus ruining China’s chances to win that competition. Also a pretty rare opportunity to see Gu Li’s smile – he’s usually looking so serious!
Gu Li happy after winning LG Cup 2009
More photos from the match here, here, here, here, here and here. Video from the match here.

Gu Li Wins First Game in LG Cup Final Against Lee Sedol

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

The LG Cup finalists this year are Lee Sedol of Korea and Gu Li of China. The two have played together very recently: only four days ago Lee Sedol won against Gu Li in the Nongshim Cup.

The LG Cup final consists of a best-of-three match, with 3 hours thinking time.

Gu Li won the first game, played today (February 23rd). Second game will be played in two days.

LG Cup 2009

Here is the game record.


Lee Sedol fights back and wins LG Cup

Thursday, February 28th, 2008
The final game of the 12th LG Cup is over: the famous Lee Sedol managed a 2-1 win over his countryman Han Sanghoon 2p.

Han Sanghoon became famous recently for scoring big wins shortly after qualifying as a pro 1-dan in Korea. (He was still shodan when he qualified for the LG Cup). He even won the first game against Lee Sedol in this LG final.

Link to the games. Interview with Han Sanghoon. Another interview with Han Sanghoon.

New Sydney Go Journal issue – and an incredible shodan

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
David Mitchell published a new issue of the always interesting Sydney Go Journal. And on a different note: I think it’s for the first time in Go history that a recently promoted 1 dan professional reaches the final of an international tournament: Han Sanghoon 1 dan of Korea will meet Lee Sedol 9 dan in the final of the 12th LG Cup. Read an interview with Han Sanghoon on Alexandre Dinerchtein’s Go News blog.

Zhou Junxun of Taiwan wins international LG Cup

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007
Taiwan is catching up with the top 3 Go super-powers: Zhou Junxun 9p of Taiwan just won the 11th LG Cup international tournament. He defeated in the final match Hu Yaoyu 8p of China, 2-1. While several Taiwanese born players moved to Japan as kids, became insei and then became top professionals in Japan, this is the first time that a Taiwanese trained professional had such a great success in an international title. There is an old article about Zhou Junxun’s earlier Go career at Mindzine. The first game of the final match is commented at – it is one of the several free sample commented games. After Zhou Junxun won the first game by resign, the next 2 games were very close: both were half-pointers. Here is a diagram from the last game:

Black (Zhou Junxun) ended up sente in the complicated joseki in the lower left, so he invaded the upper-left corner in sente, and then played tengen to reduce White’s central influence. A fight started as White invaded Black’s moyo on the right soon after this.