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Cho Hye Yeon in Korean Newspaper

Thursday, June 12th, 2008
Just found an article about Cho Hye Yeon’s blog in the English section of the Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo: “Student’s Blog Takes Baduk to a Global Audience”. According to wikipedia, Chosun Ilbo is one of the major newspapers in South Korea. I wrote about Hye Yeon and her wonderful blog in the past as well. Very recently (yesterday, actually), she defended the honor of the female team in the GG Auction Cup, stopping Kim Jongsoo. (This is a Korean tournament between female players and senior male players. The first in the senior team was the famous Jimmy Cha (Cha Minsoo is his Korean name) who eliminated 5 female players before being finally defeated by Lee Minjin. She defeated 4 more seniors before losing to Kim Jongsoo). Here’s Hye Yeon playing agains Kim Jongsoo:

Photo after the game:

The lids of stone bowls signed by the two players. Guess which one is signed by Hye Yeon:

Very luckily for the American Go players, Hye Yeon will visit the US Go Congress this year!

Lee Minjin Wins Jeongganjang Cup for Korea

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
In a repeat of her last year’s performance, Lee Minjin 5p of Korea eliminated the last players of Japan (Kato Keiko) and China (Rui Naiwei) and won Jeongganjang Cup for her country. Here is the final game, against Rui Naiwei (link to game record).

The match generated a lot of excitement also among other professional players following the game:

Lee Minjin defeats Tang Yi and Kato Keiko in Jeongganjang Cup

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
Lee Minjin of Korea (right in the photo below) eliminated Tang Yi of China from the 6th Jeongganjang Cup on April 1st. (Link to the game)

Lee Minjin vs. Tang Yi

Here is the after game discussion with Rui Naiwei.

Lee Minjin vs. Tang Yi

Then she eliminated Kato Keiko of Japan as well on April 2nd. (Link to the game)

Lee Minjin vs. Kato Keiko

Japan is eliminated from the competition. China is down to the last player, Rui Naiwei. Korea has, besides Lee Minjin, Park Jieun as well. Rui Naiwei is in an interesting position because during the past many years she has been playing in Korea. In particular, Lee Minjin eliminated Rui Naiwei from the Women Kuksu (but lost the final to Park Jieun 1-2) less than 2 weeks ago, so in today’s game Rui must be particularly motivated against Lee.