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Choi Cheolhan – Ing Cup Winner!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
Choi Cheolhan won game four in Ing Cup, thus defeating Lee Changho 3 to 1 and winning the topmost international Go / Baduk competition.
Choi Cheolhan, Ing Cup 2009 winner
Choi Cheolhan qualified in the final of the previous Ing Cup as well, in 2004, but he lost to Chang Hao. This is Choi Cheolhan’s first international win, as far as I know, although he has won several Korean championships and titles in the past, and in particular he has a good record against Lee Changho: he defeated Lee Changho 3:2 in the Guksu title and 3:1 in the Kisung title in 2004, and 3:0 in the Guksu title in 2005. He must have slowed down a bit after that, since his next titles only came this year, when besides this Ing Cup he also won Korean Maxim Cup. Here is a photo from the beginning of the game, with Go Seigen watching.
Choi Cheolhan, Ing Cup 2009 winner

Here is the game record. A huge exchange took place with white’s move 72.

More photos here, here and here. Very nice English coverage and photos here, here, here and here.

Choi Cheolhan Takes the Lead in Ing Cup Final

Saturday, March 7th, 2009
Choi Cheolhan won the third game of the Ing Cup final against Lee Changho by resignation, thus leading the match 2:1. He needs one more win to capture Ing Cup, which is the best paid international tournament: USD 400,000 for the winner, and USD 100,000 for the loser.
Ing Cup 2009, game 3

Here is the game record.

More photos here, here , here, here and here.

Choi Cheolhan Evens the Score in Ing Cup Final

Thursday, March 5th, 2009
After losing the first game of the best-of-five, once every four years, top paid international Ing Cup, Choi Cheolhan won the second game by 6.5 points so he evened the score with Lee Changho.
Ing Cup 2009, game 2

Here is the game record.


Lee Changho Wins Game 1 in Ing Cup Final

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009
Lee Changho defeated Choi Cheolhan by 2.5p in the first game of the best-of-five Ing Cup final.
Ing Cup 2009, game 1
Here is the game record.
The legendary Go Seigen attended the opening ceremony, photos here. More photos from the match here, here and here. Tournament table here.

Fan Hui Wins European Ing Cup

Sunday, March 1st, 2009
Fan Hui 2p won European Ing Cup with a perfect, 6:0 score. Fan Hui is professional 2 dan in China, but he has been living in and playing for France for several years. Guo Juan 5p came in second with 5:1, only losing to Fan, followed by a large block of players with 4 wins. Official tournament page here. The top board games could be watched live via video streaming, thanks to EuroGoTV.
1. Hui Fan 2p      b+21 w+12 w+3 w+4 b+2 b+6    6   
2. Juan Guo 5p      b+8 w+7 w+6 b+18 w-1 b+4    5   
3. Alexandre Dinerchtein 3p      w+17 b+11 b-1 w-5 b+18 w+13    4   
4. Catalin Taranu 5p      b+23 w+9 w+10 b-1 b+5 w-2    4   
5. Cristian Pop 7d      w+18 b-10 w+19 b+3 w-4 b+11    4   
6. Ilja Shikshin 7d      b+20 w+14 b-2 w+8 b+11 w-1    4   
7. Ondrej Silt 6d      b+16 b-2 w-8 w+21 w+13 b+10    4   
8. Cornel Burzo 6d      w-2 b+16 b+7 b-6 w+20 w+15    4   
9. Diana Koszegi 1p      b+19 b-4 w-12 w+16 w-15 b+18    3   
10. Pal Balogh 6d      w+22 w+5 b-4 b-13 b+12 w-7    3   
11. Jin Zou 6d      b+15 w-3 w+21 w+12 w-6 w-5    3   
12. Csaba Mero 6d      w+24 b-1 b+9 b-11 w-10 w+17    3   
13. Franz-Josef Dickhut 6d      w-14 w+20 b+15 w+10 b-7 b-3    3   
14. Jeff Seailles 5d      b+13 b-6 w-18 w-17 b+24 b+21    3   
15. Vladimir Danek 5d      w-11 b+17 w-13 w+23 b+9 b-8    3   
16. Soldan Leszek 5d      w-7 w-8 b+17 b-9 w+22 b+20    3   
17. Merlijn Kuin 6d      b-3 w-15 w-16 b+14 w+23 b-12    2   
18. Alexej Lazarev 6d      b-5 w+22 b+14 w-2 w-3 w-9    2   
19. Oleg Mezhov 6d      w-9 w+23 b-5 b-20 b-21 w+24    2   
20. Jan Simara 5d      w-6 b-13 b+22 w+19 b-8 w-16    2   
21. Pierre Audouard 5d      w-1 b+24 b-11 b-7 w+19 w-14    2   
22. Ivan Kulikovskij 5d      b-10 b-18 w-20 w+24 b-16 w+23    2   
23. Vesa Laatikainen 5d      w-4 b-19 w+24 b-15 b-17 b-22    1   
24. Constantin Ghioc 5d      b-12 w-21 b-23 b-22 w-14 b-19    0  
Fan Hui’s game records are listed below. Fan Hui vs Pierre Adouard (France)
Fan Hui vs Mero Csaba (Hungary)
Fan Hui vs Alexandre Dinerchtein (Russia)
Fan Hui vs Catalin Taranu (Romania)
Fan Hui vs Guo Juan (Netherlands/China)
Fan Hui vs Ilja Shikshin (Russia)

Lee Changho Stops Cho Chikun in Ing Cup

Sunday, May 4th, 2008
Round 3 of Ing Cup 2008 was played on May 4th.

After defeating Chang Hao in the previous round, Cho Chikun lost to Lee Changho by 3 points.

Cho Chikun vs. Lee Changho, Ing Cup 2008

Lee Sedol of Korea defeated Kong Jie of China by 11 points.

Lee Sedol vs Kong Jie

Choi Cheolhan of Korea defeated Piao Wenyao of China by resignation. And Liu Xing of China, who seems to be the surprise of the tournament so far, defeated Park Yeonghun by resignation thus becoming the only Chinese player to play in the semifinals.

Liu Xing vs. Park Yeonghun, Ing Cup 2008

The semifinals will take place sometime in September and will consist of best-of-three matches. Lee Changho will play against Lee Sedol, and Choi Cheolhan will play against Liu Xing.

Cho Chikun defeats Chang Hao in Ing Cup

Friday, May 2nd, 2008
Cho Chikun eliminated Chang Hao of China (previous Ing Cup winner) in round 2.

Cho Chikun vs. Chang Hao, Ing Cup 2008

Looks like Cho Sensei is back in shape after his loses in Kisei and Judan earlier this year. He will play against Lee Changho in round 3. The only other Japanese player, O Meien, was eliminated by Liu Xing of China.

Next round will be played in 2 days. There are 4 players from Korea, 3 from China, and 1 from Japan.

Ing Cup 2008

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008
First round of the Ing 2008 international tournament was played yesterday in Shanghai, China. Only Cho Chikun survived from the Japanese team: he defeated Cho U who played for Taiwan in this tournament.

Takao Shinji Honinbo lost to Wang Lei of China, Yamashita Keigo Kisei lost to Gu Li of China. The only other Japanese player to play in round 2 is O Meien, who is seeded into the second round. You can see O Meien in the following photo, analyzing games from the first round (together with Otake Hideo of Japan and Cho Hunhyun of Korea, both standing).

Lee Sedol of Korea won against Hu Yaoyu of China by 5 points, but only after winning 6 points through the special Ing rule (one loses points by using extra time in the Ing Cup). Chang Hao of China and Lee Changho of Korea will be also seeded into the second round (to be played tomorrow). The most interesting game for me though was the one played by Catalin Taranu 5p of Romania (the European representative at this Ing Cup) against Piao Wenyao 5p of China. After the dust settled from a violent fight in the center of the board, Catalin (Black) ended up capturing a group of Piao’s and I thought he is ahead, but lost a large area himself in the upper left (Black 39 in the diagram eliminates the possibility of White starting a ko fight for his dead stones on the lower side, while White 40 makes sure Black cannot live in the upper left).

Catalin lost in the end, unfortunately (by 11 points). You can replay the game below.

The American representative, Jiang Mingjiu 7p, lost as well (against Liu Xing 7p of China). Can you recognize the 9p photographer from the following tournament photo?

Tournament schedule and results at Go Topics.

Ing Memorial 2007 – final results

Sunday, March 4th, 2007
The Ing Memorial 2007 European tournament is over: the winner is Fan Hui (2 dan pro from China, has been living in France for the last 7 years) with a perfect score:
Pl. Name                 Str Co. MMS   1    2    3    4    5    6   Pt  SODOS SOS
  1 Hui, Fan              7d CHN  6   14+  12+   4+   8+   2+   3+  6     23   23
  2 Taranu, Catalin       5d ROM  5   19+  13+  10+   5+   1-   6+  5     16   22
  3 Dinerstein, Alexandr  7d RUS  4   20+   4-  13+   7+  11+   1-  4     12   22
    Silt, Ondrej          6d CZE  4   16+   3+   1-   6-  13+  19+  4     12   22
  5 Pop, Cristian         6d ROM  4   21+   9+   8+   2-   6-  12+  4     12   21
  6 Juan, Guo             7d NED  4   24+  10-  12+   4+   5+   2-  4     12   20
  7 Surin, Dmitrij        6d RUS  4   13-  19+  16+   3-  15+  11+  4     11   18
  8 Shikshin, Ilya        6d RUS  4   23+  15+   5-   1-  17+  10+  4      9   19
  9 Kulkov, Andrej        6d RUS  4   17+   5-  18+  11-  21+  14+  4      8   15
 10 Mero, Csaba           6d HUN  3   18+   6+   2-  17+  14-   8-  3      8   20
 11 Groenen, Geert        6d NED  3   12-  14+  22+   9+   3-   7-  3      8   19
 12 Burzo, Cornel         6d ROM  3   11+   1-   6-  22+  18+   5-  3      6   20
 13 Dickhut, Franz-Josef  6d GER  3    7+   2-   3-  23+   4-  21+  3      6   19
    Soldan, Leszek        6d POL  3    1-  11-  23+  19+  10+   9-  3      6   19
 15 Bajenaru, Dragos      6d ROM  3   22+   8-  17-  20+   7-  18+  3      5   15
    Lazarev, Alexej       5d RUS  3    4-  20+   7-  18-  22+  17+  3      5   15
 17 Hora, Jan             5d CZE  2    9-  21+  15+  10-   8-  16-  2      4   18
 18 Teuber, Benjamin      6d GER  2   10-  24+   9-  16+  12-  15-  2      4   17
 19 Nijhuis, Emil         6d NED  2    2-   7-  24+  14-  20+   4-  2      3   19
 20 Corlan, Lucian        5d ROM  2    3-  16-  21+  15-  19-  23+  2      2   14
 21 Donzet, Frederic      5d FRA  1    5-  17-  20-  24+   9-  13-  1      1   16
 22 Bogackij, Dmitrij     6d UKR  1   15-  23+  11-  12-  16-  24-  1      1   14
    Fenech, Antoine       5d FRA  1    8-  22-  14-  13-  24+  20-  1      1   14
 24 Jacenko, Dmitrij      5d UKR  1    6-  18-  19-  21-  23-  22+  1      1   11
Second was Catalin Taranu, who only lost to Fan Hui. Then there is a large group of players with 4 points (including professionals Guo Juan and Alexander Dinerstein, and former insei Ondrej Silt and Cristian Pop). The tournament page doesn’t have yet game records from the last rounds – I am especially looking forward to the game between Fan Hui and Catalin Taranu, which decided the first 2 places. For those who don’t know yet: Fan Hui is the official trainer of the French Go Federation, and he also has a mailing list which you can subscribe to for free that delivers weekly Go problems to your email box. Check out this page.

European Ing Memorial 2007

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007
A very strong invitational tournament has started yesterday in Europe: the Ing Memorial. Among the 24 players, there are 4 professionals (Guo Juan, Catalin Taranu, Fan Hui  and Alexander Dinerstein) and 8 ex-insei (Cristian Pop, Dragos Bajenaru, Ondrej Silt, Csaba Mero, Bejamin Teuber, Emil Nijhuis, Dmitrij Bogatski and Leszek Soldan). See all 24 pictures at this link. Here is the tournament page, with links to the results and rounds so far (with game records and more pictures). Two professionals already lost to ex-insei in the second round: Guo Juan lost to Mero Csaba and Alexander Dinerstein lost to Ondrej Silt. I am sure there will be a lot of exciting games!