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Monday, April 2nd, 2007
There is a new volume of the Hikaru-no-Go manga coming out tomorrow: number 9 of the series:

Hikaru-no-Go manga, number 9

Each time I visited Japan (I participated 3 times in the World Amateur Go Championship as the Romanian representative), and also while I lived in Japan as an insei, I noticed a lot of people (mostly men) reading manga (comics) on the train in the Tokyo area, during their commute between home and work. I never got interested in manga while in Japan – I always regarded it as some sort of childish activity for people who don’t have time to read real books. I only understood the manga phenomenon when I first read Hikaru-no-Go, years later: maybe it is because of the Go topic, or because it is about the places where I lived for one and a half years (both Nihon Ki-in and the Igo Kenshu Center are very accurately depicted), or just because it’s well written – but I enjoyed it a lot, and found it really awesome! I also found it to be an excellent way to attract kids to Go: I showed the first few video episodes to my 6 years old daughter and a couple of her friends her age, and they immediately wanted to play Go! I really hope they’ll make some follow up to the original story, and have … <removed spoiler from here>