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Lee Sedol fights back and wins LG Cup

Thursday, February 28th, 2008
The final game of the 12th LG Cup is over: the famous Lee Sedol managed a 2-1 win over his countryman Han Sanghoon 2p.

Han Sanghoon became famous recently for scoring big wins shortly after qualifying as a pro 1-dan in Korea. (He was still shodan when he qualified for the LG Cup). He even won the first game against Lee Sedol in this LG final.

Link to the games. Interview with Han Sanghoon. Another interview with Han Sanghoon.

New Sydney Go Journal issue – and an incredible shodan

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
David Mitchell published a new issue of the always interesting Sydney Go Journal. And on a different note: I think it’s for the first time in Go history that a recently promoted 1 dan professional reaches the final of an international tournament: Han Sanghoon 1 dan of Korea will meet Lee Sedol 9 dan in the final of the 12th LG Cup. Read an interview with Han Sanghoon on Alexandre Dinerchtein’s Go News blog.