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Lee Changho Wins Nongshim Cup for South Korea

Friday, March 12th, 2010

China was way ahead in this year’s Nongshim Cup with three players left even after Japan was eliminated and Korea had only one player left.

Turned out that strength is not always in the numbers: the last man standing from the South Korean team, Lee Changho, single-handedly won the cup for his country after defeating all remaining Chinese players: Liu Xing, Gu Li and Chang Hao.

Lee Changho defeated Chang Hao by resignation.

(; RE[B+R] BR[9d] EV[11th Nongshim Cup 14th round] WR[9d] PB[Lee Changho] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] KM[6.5] DT[2010-03-12] PW[Chang Hao] ;B[pd];W[dd];B[pq];W[dp];B[qk];W[gq];B[cf];W[di];B[fd];W[df];B[cc] ;W[ce];B[dc];W[nc];B[pf];W[hc];B[fb];W[kc];B[cg];W[be];B[dg];W[ef] ;B[eh];W[gc];B[fc];W[gf];B[ei];W[dk];B[ej];W[dj];B[ek];W[dl];B[hh] ;W[ig];B[ih];W[jg];B[jh];W[kg];B[kh];W[lh];B[lg];W[ae];B[bd];W[mg] ;B[cq];W[cp];B[dq];W[bq];B[fq];W[fp];B[ep];W[eo];B[eq];W[gp];B[br] ;W[bp];B[gr];W[hr];B[fs];W[li];B[jk];W[qh];B[oc];W[nd];B[re];W[ar] ;B[bs];W[im];B[hl];W[hm];B[gl];W[po];B[nb];W[qq];B[qr];W[qp];B[or] ;W[mb];B[qm];W[nq];B[op];W[on];B[mp];W[pl];B[pk];W[ql];B[rl];W[pm] ;B[qn];W[rm];B[rn];W[rk];B[sm];W[rj];B[ok];W[oo];B[np];W[rp];B[qi] ;W[ri];B[ph];W[qg];B[pg];W[sk];B[rg];W[rh];B[qf];W[sg];B[rf];W[so] ;B[ir];W[hq];B[hs];W[iq];B[jq];W[jr];B[is];W[kq];B[jp];W[kp];B[kr] ;W[jo];B[ip];W[io];B[js];W[ob];B[pb];W[na];B[fo];W[hp];B[en];W[cn] ;B[jr];W[gn];B[do];W[ln];B[bi];W[bh];B[ch];W[ci];B[bg];W[bj];B[si] ;W[sn];B[sh];W[sj];B[sh];W[pn];B[qj];W[ro];B[mn];W[lo];B[go];W[ho] ;B[nn];W[rr];B[ll];W[lm];B[lf];W[mf];B[le];W[me];B[hg];W[ke];B[hf] ;W[ge];B[rs];W[sr];B[sf];W[qo];B[sg];W[rm];B[lp];W[kl];B[kk];W[jl] ;B[co];W[bo];B[gm];W[fn];B[eo];W[fm];B[cm];W[fl];B[el];W[ik];B[bn] ;W[bm];B[dn];W[an];B[em];W[cn];B[hn];W[lk];B[bn];W[lq];B[mq];W[cn] ;B[lj];W[ml];B[mj];W[nm];B[bn];W[lr];B[mr];W[cn];B[mk];W[ai];B[fk] ;W[ll];B[bn];W[ld];B[bl];W[cn];B[cl];W[dm];B[bn];W[ms];B[am];W[nr] ;B[ag];W[he];B[oq];W[ns];B[ls];W[ks];B[os];W[gs];B[ls];W[fr];B[gb] )

In the game with Gu Li, Lee Changho also won by resignation.

(; RE[B+R] BR[9d] EV[11th Nongshim Cup 13th round] WR[9d] PB[Lee Changho] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] KM[6.5] DT[2010-03-11] PW[Gu Li] ;B[qd];W[dd];B[pq];W[dp];B[fc];W[cf];B[lc];W[qn];B[qp];W[pj];B[qh] ;W[on];B[pm];W[pn];B[mq];W[qf];B[qk];W[op];B[oq];W[qj];B[pk];W[ok] ;B[rk];W[nl];B[rj];W[oh];B[od];W[pg];B[rm];W[rn];B[qm];W[hc];B[ge] ;W[pc];B[pd];W[ec];B[gc];W[hd];B[he];W[jd];B[ie];W[je];B[jf];W[ld] ;B[mc];W[kf];B[kg];W[lf];B[ig];W[kc];B[lg];W[jh];B[jg];W[mf];B[md] ;W[ef];B[ee];W[de];B[cn];W[ck];B[om];W[nm];B[dk];W[dj];B[ej];W[dl] ;B[ek];W[cl];B[nn];W[mp];B[mn];W[pp];B[nq];W[mo];B[kn];W[lq];B[ng] ;W[mg];B[nh];W[mh];B[ni];W[nf];B[oj];W[og];B[nk];W[kp];B[cq];W[cp] ;B[dq];W[ep];B[bp];W[bo];B[bq];W[co];B[fq];W[ff];B[gd];W[gi];B[di] ;W[cj];B[hk];W[hh];B[eb];W[db];B[ih];W[gk];B[gl];W[fl];B[gj];W[fk] ;B[kb];W[mi];B[hj];W[fj];B[mk];W[lk];B[ll];W[lj];B[le];W[ke];B[kd] ;W[jc];B[fm];W[hl];B[fi];W[el];B[gh];W[ei];B[hi];W[gm];B[eh];W[mr] ;B[ml];W[re];B[rd];W[jb];B[lb];W[rg];B[rh];W[hb];B[nr];W[qq];B[qr] ;W[rq];B[fb];W[jj];B[jl];W[sf];B[qg];W[qe];B[sd];W[se];B[rr];W[rp] ;B[ch];W[lr];B[sr];W[hq];B[gr];W[bg];B[pi];W[il];B[fp];W[fo];B[hr] ;W[bh];B[go];W[gn];B[da];W[cb];B[ci];W[bi];B[ao];W[an];B[ap];W[bn] ;B[ed];W[gf];B[hf];W[ir];B[iq];W[ip];B[jq];W[jr];B[hp];W[ho];B[gq] ;W[gp];B[is];W[kr];B[go];W[ps];B[os];W[gp];B[dc];W[cc];B[go];W[gg] ;B[hg];W[gp];B[dg];W[df];B[go];W[eq];B[er];W[gp];B[lo];W[lp];B[go] ;W[oc];B[nb];W[gp];B[id];W[nd];B[ne];W[oe];B[nc];W[pe];B[go];W[oi] ;B[nj];W[gp];B[ca];W[ba];B[go];W[dr];B[fs];W[ea];B[io];W[gp];B[jp] ;W[ko];B[ln];W[me];B[nd];W[ld];B[sq])

You can find the complete tournament table at Mr. Kin’s website.

Kong Jie Wins International Samsung Cup

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

I don’t think the sponsors of the international Samsung Cup were very happy this year, since no South Korean player made it into the final. In fact, the final matched two Chinese players: Kong Jie 9 dan (who defeated Gui Li, also of China, in the semifinals) and Qiu Jun 8 dan of China (who eliminated Lee Changho of South Korea in the other semifinal).

Kong Jie won the best-of-three match against Qiu Jun after two straight wins. Interestingly, Kong Jie also played in last year’s Samsung Cup final match, but he lost 0:2 against Lee Sedol.

The game record of the 1st game is here. Kong Jie (white) won by 5.5 points.

(; KM[6.5] EV[14th Samsung Cup game 1] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] PW[Kong Jie] WR[9p] DT[2009-12-15] BR[8p] RE[W+5.5] PB[Qiu Jun] ;B[pd];W[dd];B[qp];W[dp];B[fq];W[dn];B[lq];W[ip];B[ho];W[hp];B[gp] ;W[go];B[fo];W[gn];B[fn];W[gm];B[fm];W[gl];B[fl];W[gk];B[dl];W[dr] ;B[ej];W[op];B[lo];W[jn];B[qn];W[mp];B[no];W[qq];B[rq];W[mq];B[lp] ;W[pp];B[qr];W[pq];B[ro];W[pn];B[pr];W[mo];B[mn];W[nn];B[nm];W[on] ;B[mr];W[nr];B[or];W[nq];B[lr];W[mm];B[ln];W[nl];B[lm];W[ml];B[pl] ;W[ol];B[cf];W[fc];B[nc];W[rd];B[qd];W[re];B[rc];W[qg];B[qi];W[rb] ;B[qc];W[sc];B[og];W[qb];B[pb];W[ph];B[pm];W[om];B[jd];W[bd];B[pj] ;W[pi];B[oj];W[qj];B[qk];W[rj];B[ri];W[ch];B[jm];W[im];B[jo];W[ep] ;B[fp];W[io];B[kn];W[in];B[ci];W[bi];B[cj];W[bm];B[ce];W[cd];B[dh] ;W[rh];B[sj];W[ic];B[jc];W[jb];B[kb];W[ib];B[sd];W[se];B[id];W[nh] ;B[gc];W[gb];B[fd];W[ec];B[oh];W[oi];B[ni];W[mi];B[nj];W[qa];B[sh] ;W[qh];B[rk];W[sg];B[qf];W[rf];B[er];W[cq];B[ik];W[jk];B[jj];W[kk] ;B[kj];W[lk];B[li];W[lb];B[kc];W[qe];B[mh];W[ir];B[ns];W[of];B[nf] ;W[oe];B[md];W[hj];B[cm];W[bn];B[bl];W[ag];B[cn];W[co];B[bg];W[dm] ;B[cl];W[hh];B[be];W[ae];B[af];W[bf];B[bo];W[bp];B[af];W[fk];B[ek] ;W[bf];B[eo];W[ka];B[af];W[ad];B[do];W[ao];B[ii];W[hd];B[he];W[ge] ;B[hf];W[bf];B[bh];W[lc];B[ld];W[ih];B[hi];W[gi];B[gh];W[gg];B[fh] ;W[gf];B[ie];W[mj];B[ng];W[lj];B[lh];W[ij];B[ji];W[fi];B[fg];W[jh] ;B[ki];W[hg];B[gd];W[ee];B[hc];W[hb];B[kg];W[od];B[pc];W[af];B[ah] ;W[mc];B[mb];W[la];B[nd];W[nb];B[pf];W[pe];B[pg];W[rg];B[oc];W[al] ;B[ak];W[am];B[cg];W[jq];B[eq];W[dq];B[hr];W[hq];B[ef];W[fe];B[gr] ;W[ei];B[jl];W[il];B[fj];W[gj];B[ll];W[kl];B[km];W[mk];B[jp];W[kp] ;B[ko];W[kq];B[kr];W[jr];B[ms];W[ks];B[na];W[ma];B[oa];W[ne];B[me] ;W[jg];B[jf];W[os];B[ps];W[di];B[eh];W[dj];B[dk];W[de];B[df];W[po] ;B[qo];W[es];B[fs];W[ds];B[oq];W[np];B[hs];W[ok])

The game record of the 2nd game is here. Kong Jie (black) won by resignation.

(; KM[6.5] EV[14th Samsung Cup game 2] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] PW[Qiu Jun] WR[8p] DT[2009-12-17] BR[9p] RE[B+R] PB[Kong Jie] ;B[pd];W[dd];B[pq];W[dq];B[cf];W[ch];B[cn];W[cl];B[cq];W[cp];B[dp] ;W[bq];B[cr];W[do];B[ep];W[co];B[br];W[fo];B[eo];W[en];B[eq];W[dn] ;B[cc];W[cd];B[dc];W[ed];B[bd];W[be];B[bc];W[ce];B[fc];W[qf];B[nd] ;W[pj];B[qo];W[lc];B[ql];W[nb];B[pf];W[pg];B[qe];W[of];B[pe];W[qg] ;B[og];W[nf];B[oh];W[qj];B[ld];W[mc];B[md];W[mg];B[kc];W[oc];B[pb] ;W[pc];B[qc];W[ob];B[od];W[qb];B[rb];W[pa];B[ni];W[pl];B[lh];W[kg] ;B[qm];W[nj];B[mj];W[mk];B[lj];W[oi];B[nh];W[ph];B[nk];W[oj];B[lk] ;W[ge];B[ml];W[ki];B[rd];W[jk];B[jm];W[jo];B[hm];W[mo];B[mq];W[nq] ;B[mp];W[lo];B[np];W[km];B[jj];W[jl];B[kh];W[ji];B[jh];W[ii];B[ih] ;W[hh];B[hg];W[hi];B[li];W[gg];B[ho];W[gn];B[kj];W[ij];B[kn];W[im] ;B[jn];W[in];B[ln];W[lm];B[mn];W[mm];B[nn];W[nm];B[ol];W[on];B[no] ;W[io];B[rk];W[rj];B[om];W[ok];B[nl];W[rf];B[gp];W[ke];B[kd];W[je] ;B[hn];W[hl];B[gm];W[gl];B[fm];W[hc];B[ra];W[eb];B[ec];W[fb];B[db] ;W[gc];B[ad];W[el];B[lb];W[mb];B[jb];W[la];B[kb];W[qa];B[if];W[hf] ;B[ie];W[ig];B[jg])

The complete tournament table is here.

Huge Go Board in Ancient Fenghuang City

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Fenghuang is an exceptionally well-preserved ancient Chinese town, according to wikipedia, with unique ethnic languages, customs, arts and architectural remains of Ming and Qing styles.

Fenghuang Ancient City

Fenghuang also has the largest Go board in the world and it hosts a match between two invited top professional players as part of a Go festival every two years. The two players are playing the game in a tower next to the board, while people costumed in black or white are moving on the huge board to mark the current position in the game.

Fenghuang Ancient City

Besides the huge Go board, there are also statues of famous professional players – can you guess who is who?

Fenghuang Ancient City

This year’s match was between Lee Sedol of Korea and Gu Li of China. The game commentary, with analysis in great detail by Lee Hajin 3p, is broadcast in English on this youtube channel.

Photo sources here, here, here, here.

Gu Li Won BC Cup 3:1

Monday, May 4th, 2009
Gu Li won the 4th game of the BC Cup final and defeated Cho Hanseung 3:1. Gu Li won 5 different international championships this past year, compared to Lee Sedol’s 2 and followed by Lee Changho and Choi Cheolhan with one each, so he is undeniably the most successful professional player by that measure. (source)
Title Winner
LG Cup Gu Li(China)
BC Card Cup Gu Li(China)
Fujitsu Cup Gu Li(China)
Toyota & Denso Cup Gu Li(China)
Chunlan Cup Gu Li(China)
Samsung Cup Lee Sedol(Korea)
Asian TV Cup Lee Sedol(Korea)
Ing Cup Choi Cheolhan(Korea)
Zhonghuan Cup Lee Changho(Korea)
Here is Gu Li being interviewed after the match.
BC Cup 2009, game 4
And here are two photos taken during the fourth game, and in the end.
BC Cup 2009, game 4
BC Cup 2009, game 4
Here is the game record of the fourth and last game: Gu Li, playing black, won by resignation.
You can find the tournament table for the BC Cup here.

BC Cup: Gu Li Leads 2:1

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009
Gu Li won game 3 in BC Cup, leads now 2:1. He only needs one more game to win the approximately 235000 USD first place prize, while Cho Hanseung needs two wins.
BC Cup 2009, game 3

Here is the game record of the third game: Gu Li, playing white, won by resignation. (Interestingly, all three games so far were won by white.)


BC Cup Final: 1:1

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
The two finalists in the international BC Cup are Gu Li of China and Cho Hanseung of Korea. To qualify in this final, Gu Li defeated Lee Wondo (Korea), Lee Jungwoo (Korea), Heo Yeongho (Korea), Piao Wenyao (China) and Cho Hunhyun (Korea, the ex-teacher of Lee Changho), while Cho Hanseung defeated Xie He (China), An Hyungjun (Korea), Iyama Yuta (Japan), Huang Yizhong (China) and Lee Sedol (Korea). The score is 1:1 so far: Gu Li won the first game but lost the second one. Here is a photo from the second game:
BC Cup 2009, game 2

Here is the game record of the first game, when Gu Li won by resignation.


And here is the game record of the second game, won by resignation by Cho Hanseung.

The next three games are scheduled in the next three days (BC Cup final is played in a best-of-five system).

Fujitsu Cup, Round 2

Monday, April 13th, 2009
The seeded players joined the round 1 winners in this year’s Fujitsu Cup. After having a record number of players in round 2, Japan will have to be content with only two players in round 3, as Yamashita Keigo defeated Qiu Jun of China, and Kono Rin defeated Gu Li of China. This last win must mean a lot for Kono Rin (and for the Japanese team in general), since Gu Li seems to be number 1 in the world based on the number of international titles he won last year. Incidentally, Gu Li was last year’s Fujitsu Cup winner! Here is a photo of Yamashita (left) against Qiu Jun (Kono Rin is standing):
Fujitsu Cup 2009
And here is a photo of Kono Rin (right) against Gu Li:
Fujitsu Cup 2009
Hane Naoki (Japan) lost against Chang Hao (China), Cho U (Japan) lost against Lee Sedol (Korea), Takao Shinji (Japan) lost against Lee Changho (Korea), Iyama Yuta (Japan) lost against Kang Dongyun (Korea), Moriyama Naoki (Japan) lost again Piao Wenyao (China), and Xie He (China) lost against Park Yeonghun (Korea). Round 3, to be played on June 6th in Seoul, Korea, will have four Koreans, two Japanese and two Chinese players.
Fujitsu Cup 2009

Here is the game record between Kono Rin and Gu Li .


Tournament table and game records here.

Gu Li Won LG Cup

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
Gu Li won the second game of the LG Cup final against Lee Sedol, thus winning this top international competition.
Lee Sedol vs Gu Li, LG Cup 2009, game 2
Here is the game record of this second and last game of the final.
To qualify for the final, Gu Li defeated Mok Jinseok 9p of Korea, Won Sungjin 9p of China, Kim Hyeongwoo 3p of Korea and Lee Changho 9p of Korea. This must have also been “sweet revenge” for Gu Li, as he lost to Lee Sedol in Nongshim Cup last week, thus ruining China’s chances to win that competition. Also a pretty rare opportunity to see Gu Li’s smile – he’s usually looking so serious!
Gu Li happy after winning LG Cup 2009
More photos from the match here, here, here, here, here and here. Video from the match here.

Gu Li Wins First Game in LG Cup Final Against Lee Sedol

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

The LG Cup finalists this year are Lee Sedol of Korea and Gu Li of China. The two have played together very recently: only four days ago Lee Sedol won against Gu Li in the Nongshim Cup.

The LG Cup final consists of a best-of-three match, with 3 hours thinking time.

Gu Li won the first game, played today (February 23rd). Second game will be played in two days.

LG Cup 2009

Here is the game record.


Korea Wins Nongshim Cup

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Nongshim Cup return to Korea this year, after Lee Sedol’s win against the last standing member of the Chinese team, Gu Li.

Nongshim Cup final 2009

Last year it was China who won, when Chang Hao defeated Park Yeonghun of Korea.

This game between Lee Sedol and Gu Li has even deeper meanings for the two of them, as they going to play each other a best-of-three match in the final of the international LG Cup in just a few days (Feb 23-26).

Here is the final game. Lee Sedol, playing white, defeated Gu Li by 3.5 points.