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Fujitsu Cup: Happiness and Desolation for Japan

Monday, April 12th, 2010

The first two rounds of the 23rd Fujitsu Cup are over.

The hosting country, Japan, started very strongly with four Japanese players winning in the first round: Anzai Nobuaki defeated Chen Shiyuan of Taiwan, Takao Shinji defeated amateur Fernando Aguilar representing South America, Hane Naoki defeated Choi Cheolhan of Korea and a very big surprise: veteran Ishida Yoshio defeated Mok Jinseok of Korea!

Just like last year, though, after a strong start Japan was completely eliminated in the second round, unfortunately: Yamashita Keigo lost to Piao Wenyao of China, Cho U lost to Kim Jiseok of Korea, Anzai Nobuaki lost to Lee Sedol of Korea, Takao Shinji lost to Park Yeonghun of Korea, Hane Naoki lost to Kang Dongyun of Korea and Ishida Yoshio lost to Kong Jie of China.

Here is the record of the game in which Ishida Yoshio defeated Mok Jinseok (by resignation).

(; KM[6.5] EV[23rd Fujitsu Cup 1st round] GM[1] SZ[19] FF[3] PB[Ishida Yoshio] PW[Mok Jinseok] BR[9d] DT[2010-04-10] WR[9d] RE[B+R] ;B[qd];W[dc];B[dp];W[pq];B[ce];W[qn];B[oc];W[di];B[cg];W[cd];B[ed] ;W[ec];B[fd];W[be];B[dd];W[cf];B[de];W[bd];B[df];W[gb];B[bf];W[cn] ;B[co];W[dn];B[fq];W[ck];B[qi];W[jq];B[bn];W[bm];B[bo];W[qk];B[oi] ;W[op];B[kd];W[nh];B[ni];W[nd];B[nc];W[qe];B[pd];W[qg];B[ph];W[rd] ;B[rc];W[of];B[mh];W[rf];B[sd];W[mg];B[lh];W[rh];B[ri];W[re];B[mp] ;W[md];B[lb];W[qc];B[qb];W[lg];B[kg];W[kp];B[mn];W[ml];B[lm];W[ll] ;B[km];W[kl];B[jm];W[ik];B[ng];W[nf];B[pk];W[pl];B[ol];W[ok];B[nk] ;W[pj];B[nl];W[og];B[lj];W[hm];B[gk];W[hk];B[gm];W[gj];B[gl];W[hi] ;B[hl];W[mq];B[lq];W[lp];B[nq];W[mr];B[np];W[nr];B[oo];W[pp];B[ir] ;W[gp];B[fp];W[fk];B[el];W[ek];B[lr];W[or];B[ks];W[fo];B[eo];W[gn] ;B[en];W[il];B[im];W[iq];B[hr];W[fm];B[fl];W[em];B[dl];W[hn];B[dm] ;W[fn];B[cm];W[hq];B[gq];W[ho];B[fi];W[fj];B[ei];W[dk];B[do];W[dh] ;B[bi];W[fg];B[gh];W[kh];B[mm];W[lo];B[gg];W[jh];B[jl];W[kf];B[jj] ;W[ig];B[qh];W[jr];B[js];W[fh];B[gi];W[gr];B[fr];W[dg];B[gf];W[oh] ;B[pi];W[bj];B[ci];W[cj];B[ii];W[hh];B[jk];W[hj];B[hg];W[ih];B[hc] ;W[gc];B[hd];W[hb];B[jc];W[rj];B[pm];W[qm];B[jo];W[io];B[ib];W[gd] ;B[ge];W[ie];B[fc];W[fb];B[he];W[si];B[po];W[qo];B[pn];W[bl];B[ae] ;W[bb];B[aj];W[ak];B[ai];W[kr];B[gs];W[ms];B[ls];W[ha];B[oj];W[pk] ;B[ke];W[je];B[lf];W[jg];B[le];W[li];B[mi];W[ki];B[kj];W[ad];B[af] ;W[mo];B[no];W[am];B[mc];W[an];B[ao];W[id];B[ic])

Complete tournament table here.

Next round will be played in two days, and it will match four Chinese players (Gu Li, Piao Wenyao, Kong Jie and Qiu Jun) against four Korean players (Lee Sedol, Park Yeonghun, Kim Jiseok and Kang Dongyun).

Kang Dongyun Defeats Lee Changho in Fujitsu Cup Final

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Kang Dongyun, playing white, won by 2.5p against Lee Changho, thus winning this year’s Fujitsu Cup, one of the top international tournaments.

This seems to be Kang Dongyun’s first international win.

You can read an older interview with him, translated from Korean by Alexander Dinerchtein, here.

Game record is here.


Tournament table is here.

Great photos and English blog-entry about Fujitsu final here.

More photos here and here.

Fujitsu Cup: All Korean Final

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

The international Fujitsu Cup semifinals took place in Tokyo, Japan, with three players from South Korea and one from China.

The last Japanese players were eliminated in the quarter-finals, when Kono Rin had lost to Park Yeonghun and Yamashita Keigo had lost to Lee Changho.

The last year winner, Gu Li of China, and the player with the best international results during the past year, was eliminated earlier by Kono Rin.

In one semifinal Lee Changho took revenge from Chang Hao, to whom he lost Chunlan Cup final by two straight losses, and won by 4.5 points.

Lee Changho defeated Chang Hao in Fujitsu 2009 semifinal

Game record is here. Lee Changho made use of some very interesting ladder-break – see move 20. It looks like modern Go is more and more open, and there are less and less “sacred cows” as far as good-bad shapes go, or as far as “not supposed to play this way” situations go.


In the other semifinal, Kang Dongyun defeated Park Yeonghun by resignation.

Kang Dongyun defeated Park Yeonghun in Fujitsu 2009 semifinal
Here is the game record.

The one-game final between the two South Korea finalists, Lee Changho and Kang Dongyun, will be played on July 6th in Tokyo, Japan since Fujistsu, the sponsor of this tournament, is a Japanese company.

Complete tournament table here.

Fujitsu Cup Quarterfinal Results

Saturday, June 6th, 2009
The Fujitsu Cup quarterfinal stage is over.
Here are the results: Kang Dongyun(Korea) defeated Piao Wenyao (China) by resignation
Lee Changho (Korea) defeated Yamashita Keigo (Japan) by 4.5 points
Park Yeonghun (Korea) defeated Kono Rin (Japan) by 4.5 points
Chang Hao (China) defeated Lee Sedol (Korea) by resignation
Both Japanese players were eliminated. Korea has 3 players and China has 1 player in the semifinal to be played on July 4th. This is a particularly sad even for Japan, since Fujitsu is a Japanese sponsor.

Here is the game record between Lee Changho and Yamashita Keigo.

And a short video from the beginning of this round.
Rui Naiwei and Jiang “Jujo” Zhujiu commenting the Chang Hao vs. Lee Sedol game. Lee Sedol doesn’t look too upset with his loss.

Fujitsu Cup Quarterfinals Today

Friday, June 5th, 2009
The quarterfinals of the international Fujitsu Cup start today.
Pairings: Kang Dongyun(Korea) – Piao Wenyao (China) Lee Changho (Korea) – Yamashita Keigo (Japan) Kono Rin (Japan) – Park Yeonghun (Korea) Lee Sedol (Korea) – Chang Hao (China) Incidentally, this will be one of the few chances to see Lee Sedol play in official games until 2011, since he decided to retire from the professional life for a while after several incidents with the Korean Baduk Association. Tournament table here.

Fujitsu Cup, Round 2

Monday, April 13th, 2009
The seeded players joined the round 1 winners in this year’s Fujitsu Cup. After having a record number of players in round 2, Japan will have to be content with only two players in round 3, as Yamashita Keigo defeated Qiu Jun of China, and Kono Rin defeated Gu Li of China. This last win must mean a lot for Kono Rin (and for the Japanese team in general), since Gu Li seems to be number 1 in the world based on the number of international titles he won last year. Incidentally, Gu Li was last year’s Fujitsu Cup winner! Here is a photo of Yamashita (left) against Qiu Jun (Kono Rin is standing):
Fujitsu Cup 2009
And here is a photo of Kono Rin (right) against Gu Li:
Fujitsu Cup 2009
Hane Naoki (Japan) lost against Chang Hao (China), Cho U (Japan) lost against Lee Sedol (Korea), Takao Shinji (Japan) lost against Lee Changho (Korea), Iyama Yuta (Japan) lost against Kang Dongyun (Korea), Moriyama Naoki (Japan) lost again Piao Wenyao (China), and Xie He (China) lost against Park Yeonghun (Korea). Round 3, to be played on June 6th in Seoul, Korea, will have four Koreans, two Japanese and two Chinese players.
Fujitsu Cup 2009

Here is the game record between Kono Rin and Gu Li .


Tournament table and game records here.

Excellent Start for Japan in Fujitsu Cup

Saturday, April 11th, 2009
First round of the international Fujitsu Cup was played yesterday. The Japanese team had an unexpectedly good start (considering that recently all international competitions are dominated by Korea and China): all Japanese players won their games and will play in round 2: Kono Rin defeated Kong Jie of China, Hane Naoki defeated Jie Lie (US amateur representing North America), Cho U defeated Fernando Aguilar (Argentina amateur representing South America), Takao Shinji defeated Zhou Ruiyang of China, Iyama Yuta defeated Won Sungjin of Korea, and Moriyama Naoki defeated Franz Josef Dickhut (amateur from Germany, representing Europe). While three of the Japanese wins were “expected”, since those games were matching professionals with amateurs, the overall result is still impressive. Here is a photo with the Japanese players from the first round. From left to rigth: Iyama Yuta, Kono Rin, Moriyama Naoki, Takao Shinji, Hane Naoki, Cho U:
Fujitsu Cup 2009
Here is a photo from the game between Kono Rin (Japan), on the right side and Kong Jie (China):
Fujitsu Cup 2009
  And a photo from the game between Iyama Yuta (Japan), on the left side, and Won Sungjin (Korea):
Fujitsu Cup 2009
The real tough matches will start from round 2 though – to be played on April 13th (Japan time) – since the world top players will be seeded directly in round 2: Gu Li, Chang Hao, Lee Changho, Lee Sedol. Among the Japanese players Yamashita Keigo, Kisei title holder, was seeded directly in round 2. Tournament table and game records here.

Gu Li Defeated Lee Changho in Fujitsu Cup Final

Monday, July 7th, 2008
Gu Li is the new Fujitsu Cup winner:
Gu Li Won Fujitsu Cup 2008
He defeated Lee Changho in the final. Gu has an interesting way of concentrating before the game.
Fujitsu Cup 2008
The playing room is pretty crowded with reporters – or maybe they allow the reporters in just for a few minutes?
Fujitsu Cup 2008
Here is the game record. Interestingly, the otherwise rarely seen 2-space low hasami from hoshi, about which Jie Lie commented in the Lee Changho – Liu Xing game from the semifinals, occurred in this final game as well (move 7).
Gu Li is back in shape less than 2 weeks after losing the China-Korea tengen playoff match 0-2 against Won Sungjin.

Fujitsu Cup Finalists Decided: Lee Changho and Gu Li

Saturday, July 5th, 2008
The Fujitsu Cup semifinals took place yesterday. One game matched Lee Changho of Korea against Liu Xing of China. Lee (on the left side in the photo) won by resignation.

Fujitsu Cup 2008 - Semifinals

The second game matched the two top Chinese players: Gu Li and Chang Hao. Gu (on the left side in the photo) won by resignation.

Fujitsu Cup 2008 - Semifinals

I love the look on the face of Cho Hunhyun (standing, right) as he watches his ex-student, Lee Changho, after Lee’s win.

Fujitsu Cup 2008 - Semifinals

Cho Hunhyun chatting with Otake Hideo of Japan, presumably about the two undergoing semifinals (games are being replayed on the two boards in front of them). (Cho Hunhyun was insei and became professional in Japan before coming back to Korea).

Fujitsu Cup 2008 - Semifinals

The final between Lee Changho and Gu Li will be played tomorrow in Tokyo, Japan.

Fujitsu Cup: China’s Doing Great

Saturday, June 7th, 2008
A new elimination round was played in Fujitsu Cup 2008. China is doing great, with 3 players in the quarterfinals; Korea has only 1 player left, while Japan was eliminated. Chang Hao of China defeated Park Yeonghun of Korea by resignation:

Lee Changho of Korea defeated Yoda Norimoto of Japan by 3.5 points:

Liu Xing of China defeated Cho Hanseung of Korea by 1.5 points:

Gu Li of China defeated Lee Sedol of Korea by resignation:

Jujo and Rui Naiwei analyze together with Lee Sedol his loss against Gu Li: