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Female Myeongin Prizegiving Ceremony

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008
Rui Naiwei and Cho Hye Yeon at the Female Myeongin prizegiving ceremony:

Rui Naiwei and Cho Hye Yeon

I already wrote an entry about the final. Also, a reminder that Cho Hye Yeon has a very nice English blog. She is actually the only professional player who keeps an updated blog in English – thank you for that, Hye Yeon! To point to just a few of her recent entries: there is an entry about the mirror-Go strategy, one about what is to be insei in Korea, and one about a decline in Go / Baduk popularity in Korea.

Rui Naiwei won Female Myeongin against Cho Hyeyeon

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008
Jujo is watching the game analysis of the second and final game in Female Myeongin: his wife, Rui Naiwei, won by 0.5 points against the challenger Cho Hyeyeon and kept her title.

Game record here.