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Chunlan Cup After Round Two

Monday, March 29th, 2010

China is dominating the international Chunlan Cup after two rounds. Out of the eight remaining players, five are Chinese: Kong Jie (defeated Choi Cheolhan of Korea), Wang Xi (defeated Yuki Satoshi of Japan), Xie He (defeated Iyama Yuta of Japan), Gu Li (defeated Yamashita Keigo of Japan) and Gu Lingyi (who eliminated Lee Changho of Korea).

Korea will have two representatives in the quarterfinal: Heo Yeongho (who eliminated Chang Hao of China) and Lee Sedol (who eliminated Sun Tengyu of China).

As for Japan, only one of its four representatives who survived round one will play in the next round, and that is no other than the veteran Cho Chikun who defeated Qiu Jun of China.

Here is the record of the game in which Cho Chikun, playing black, defeated Qiu Jun by resignation.

(; KM[7.5] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] WR[8d] EV[8th Chunlan Cup 2nd round] RE[B+R] PB[Cho Chikun] BR[9d] DT[2010-03-29] PW[Qiu Jun] ;B[pd];W[dd];B[pq];W[dp];B[fq];W[cn];B[ql];W[jp];B[dr];W[gq];B[gr] ;W[fr];B[er];W[fp];B[fs];W[hq];B[cf];W[di];B[cc];W[cd];B[dc];W[ed] ;B[bd];W[be];B[bc];W[ce];B[fc];W[qf];B[qe];W[pf];B[nc];W[qi];B[po] ;W[qc];B[re];W[ob];B[oc];W[pc];B[nb];W[od];B[rf];W[rg];B[pe];W[oe] ;B[of];W[md];B[qg];W[pg];B[qh];W[rh];B[ph];W[og];B[pi];W[nd];B[ri] ;W[mb];B[bf];W[df];B[bh];W[ch];B[bi];W[cg];B[bg];W[cj];B[ae];W[hc] ;B[fd];W[fe];B[ge];W[gd];B[ff];W[ee];B[ec];W[gf];B[he];W[fg];B[hf] ;W[gg];B[ic];W[qj];B[sg];W[qm];B[id];W[pm];B[ro];W[nn];B[np];W[mp] ;B[mq];W[mo];B[lq];W[ih];B[nh];W[mi];B[nl];W[ok];B[ko];W[kp];B[kl] ;W[kn];B[ki];W[jj];B[kj];W[jk];B[kk];W[jl];B[km];W[jm];B[ln];W[jn] ;B[on];W[rj];B[sh];W[rl];B[rn];W[qo];B[qp];W[om];B[lp];W[qk];B[pb] ;W[mc];B[oa];W[qb];B[ma];W[kb];B[la];W[ib];B[hb];W[ng];B[mg];W[nf] ;B[lo];W[qn];B[bj];W[bk];B[bl];W[ak];B[cp];W[do];B[ep];W[eo];B[cq] ;W[gb];B[gc];W[ha];B[cm];W[cl];B[iq];W[ip];B[gp];W[eq];B[hp];W[fr] ;B[pj];W[pk];B[fq];W[hr];B[ir];W[fr];B[eg];W[gs];B[bn];W[dm];B[ef] ;W[bo];B[bp];W[eh];B[de];W[ra];B[rc];W[pa];B[qa];W[rb];B[qd];W[pa] ;B[co];W[bm];B[qa];W[rp];B[rq];W[pa];B[jo];W[io];B[qa];W[an];B[br] ;W[pa];B[hh];W[ob];B[hj];W[gi];B[ii];W[ji];B[jh];W[ig];B[hg];W[hi] ;B[ij];W[jg];B[kh];W[gj];B[pb];W[oo];B[qa];W[sc];B[kc];W[kd];B[jb] ;W[ja];B[jc];W[lb];B[rd];W[pa];B[kg];W[hk];B[qa];W[op];B[pa];W[oq] ;B[jf];W[fb];B[eb];W[le];B[if];W[pr];B[qr];W[pp];B[qq];W[ik];B[kq] ;W[ih];B[mn];W[no];B[dh];W[ei];B[ci];W[nk];B[gh];W[fh];B[nm];W[nq] ;B[hd];W[hb];B[mj];W[mk];B[lk];W[jq];B[jr];W[is];B[kr];W[mr];B[or] ;W[nr];B[ps];W[mh];B[mf];W[oh];B[es];W[fa];B[rm];W[sm];B[sj];W[ea] ;B[da];W[sn];B[sp])

Complete tournament table here.

Chunlan Cup: Japan is Very Happy After Round One

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

First round of the 8th international Chunlan Cup took place in China. The only non-Asian areas represented are Europe (Mero Csaba, 6 dan amateur, ex-insei) and North America (Jiang Mingjiu, 7 dan pro).

Japan had a very good result in this first round: 4 of the 8 games played were won by Japanese players: Yuki Satoshi 9p defeated Lin Zhihan 7p of Taiwan, Iyama Yuta 9p defeated Mero Csaba 6d, Yamashita Keigo 9p defeated Chen Yaoye 9p of China, and Cho Chikun 9p defeated Kang Dongyun 9p of Korea.

I was very happy and surprised to see the veteran Cho Chikun winning – I haven’t heard much about him these past few years.

The other winners in this round were Heo Yeongho 7p of Korea (defeated Yoda Norimoto 9p of Japan), Gu Lingyi 5p of China defeated Jiang Mingjiu 7p of USA, Choi Cheolhan 9p of Korea defeated Hu Yaoyu 8p of China and Lee Sedol 9p of Korea defeated Zhou Junxun 9p of Taiwan.

Second round will be played on March 29th, and we will see again 8 games – that is because there are 8 seeded players (seven Chinese players and Lee Changho of Korea)

Here is the game in which Yamashita Keigo of Japan, playing white, defeated Chen Yaoye of China by 4.5p.

(; EV[8th Chunlan Cup 1st round] PW[Yamashita Keigo] KM[7.5] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] WR[9d] PB[Chen Yaoye] DT[2010-03-27] RE[W+4.5] BR[9d] ;B[pd];W[dp];B[qp];W[dd];B[fq];W[dn];B[jp];W[oq];B[mq];W[qf];B[qi] ;W[nd];B[pf];W[qc];B[pc];W[pg];B[qe];W[of];B[pe];W[rg];B[og];W[ph] ;B[rf];W[nf];B[qg];W[qh];B[rh];W[pi];B[sg];W[qj];B[ri];W[oj];B[pk] ;W[pj];B[cf];W[fd];B[bd];W[ch];B[cc];W[df];B[eb];W[fb];B[ec];W[fc] ;B[ce];W[fg];B[me];W[od];B[lg];W[ob];B[pb];W[kd];B[md];W[ng];B[kf] ;W[id];B[li];W[oo];B[qn];W[pn];B[qm];W[qq];B[rq];W[pp];B[qo];W[mf] ;B[lk];W[ho];B[hq];W[lo];B[kp];W[jk];B[ji];W[lm];B[hi];W[hk];B[fi] ;W[dj];B[ke];W[mb];B[kn];W[km];B[jm];W[jl];B[im];W[ih];B[ii];W[kj] ;B[lj];W[hm];B[hg];W[er];B[fk];W[ip];B[iq];W[jo];B[dm];W[cn];B[dk] ;W[ck];B[ej];W[gh];B[hh];W[dl];B[el];W[ek];B[il];W[ik];B[dk];W[cl] ;B[ko];W[jn];B[di];W[cj];B[hn];W[io];B[ep];W[eo];B[dq];W[eq];B[fp] ;W[cq];B[fr];W[dr];B[gn];W[in];B[nn];W[go];B[fo];W[fn];B[gm];W[gl] ;B[fm];W[en];B[ln];W[mm];B[mn];W[gi];B[gj];W[hj];B[eg];W[ff];B[fh] ;W[gg];B[ef];W[fe];B[dh];W[nl];B[ie];W[jd];B[hf];W[rr];B[qr];W[pr] ;B[pq];W[mh];B[lh];W[qq];B[hd];W[hc];B[pq];W[ci];B[ed];W[qq];B[lb] ;W[mc];B[pq];W[ki];B[nm];W[mk];B[kh];W[qq];B[ll];W[ml];B[pq];W[jg] ;B[ig];W[qq];B[gp];W[hl];B[pq];W[cg];B[ee];W[qq];B[qs];W[mr];B[lr] ;W[lq];B[lp];W[ps];B[pq];W[ls];B[qq];W[kr];B[kq];W[nq];B[lr];W[or] ;B[ns];W[lq];B[mp];W[jr];B[lr];W[om];B[lq];W[on];B[ms];W[pa];B[qa] ;W[oa];B[fa];W[qb];B[ha];W[ib];B[ia];W[rd];B[jb];W[lc];B[em];W[rj] ;B[dg];W[re];B[si];W[ek];B[fl];W[fs];B[gs];W[es];B[gr];W[nr];B[ks] ;W[pl];B[oc];W[nc];B[gb];W[gc];B[jc];W[ic];B[kc];W[le];B[ka];W[rl] ;B[ql];W[qk];B[bg];W[bh];B[bf];W[ka];B[ja];W[se];B[sf];W[sn];B[so] ;W[sm];B[rn];W[rm];B[mj];W[ni];B[sj];W[sk];B[cm];W[bm];B[ah];W[ai] ;B[ag];W[hb];B[ga];W[ra];B[kb];W[na];B[la];W[no];B[mo];W[je];B[jf] ;W[nj];B[qd];W[oe];B[qf];W[rc];B[dk];W[gk];B[fj];W[ek];B[bn];W[al] ;B[dk])

This is the game between Iyama Yuta of Japan and Mero Csaba of Hungary. Iyama Yuta played black and won by resignation.

(; EV[8th Chunlan Cup 1st round] KM[7.5] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] PW[Csaba Mero] WR[a6] DT[2010-03-27] BR[9d] RE[B+R] PB[Iyama Yuta] ;B[pd];W[dc];B[dq];W[qp];B[ce];W[ed];B[oq];W[do];B[cm];W[cq];B[cr] ;W[cp];B[gq];W[en];B[di];W[br];B[dr];W[cg];B[ee];W[fe];B[ef];W[cd] ;B[be];W[gd];B[eh];W[dm];B[cl];W[cn];B[jq];W[cj];B[dl];W[el];B[dj] ;W[bm];B[bl];W[po];B[ek];W[fg];B[de];W[nc];B[qf];W[pb];B[qc];W[kd] ;B[qk];W[qh];B[nd];W[md];B[me];W[ne];B[od];W[mc];B[nf];W[le];B[mf] ;W[rf];B[re];W[pf];B[qg];W[rg];B[pg];W[qj];B[rj];W[ri];B[pj];W[qe] ;B[pe];W[og];B[of];W[ph];B[qd];W[qi];B[rl];W[pk];B[pl];W[ok];B[on] ;W[qm];B[qn];W[pn];B[pm];W[np];B[oj];W[nk];B[nj];W[mk];B[mj];W[rn] ;B[nm];W[rm];B[ql];W[lk];B[lm];W[jk];B[jm];W[oo];B[mn];W[li];B[nh] ;W[mh];B[mg];W[kq];B[kr];W[lr];B[lq];W[kp];B[mr];W[jr];B[ls];W[iq] ;B[lp];W[jp];B[bs];W[nq];B[nr];W[pr];B[bq];W[bp];B[ar];W[lo];B[mo] ;W[kn];B[mp];W[km];B[fl];W[em];B[gn];W[go];B[fo];W[eo];B[ho];W[gp] ;B[hp];W[fp];B[ep];W[fq];B[fr];W[fn];B[eq];W[fo];B[hq];W[bn];B[lj] ;W[kk];B[or];W[bd];B[ad];W[ac];B[ae];W[bc];B[qr];W[rr];B[im];W[jl] ;B[ji];W[hl];B[kf];W[gm];B[je];W[jd];B[hn];W[eg];B[dg];W[fh];B[gi] ;W[fi];B[gj];W[fj];B[hk];W[fk];B[il];W[gk];B[ik];W[ch];B[dh];W[bk] ;B[al];W[bg];B[bj])

And here is the game that the veteran Japanese-Korean Cho Chikun won against the young Korean star Kang Dongyun (Cho played white and won by resignation).

(; EV[8th Chunlan Cup 1st round] KM[7.5] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] PW[Cho Chikun] WR[9d] DT[2010-03-27] BR[9d] RE[W+R] PB[Kang Dongyun] ;B[pd];W[dd];B[qp];W[dp];B[fq];W[op];B[cn];W[dn];B[dm];W[en];B[cp] ;W[co];B[bo];W[do];B[bm];W[cq];B[bp];W[em];B[dl];W[iq];B[fk];W[io] ;B[cf];W[fc];B[gm];W[gn];B[qn];W[qq];B[rq];W[pq];B[rr];W[on];B[jq] ;W[jp];B[kq];W[ir];B[kp];W[ko];B[lo];W[kn];B[mq];W[ln];B[or];W[mo] ;B[pr];W[bq];B[dq];W[eq];B[ef];W[bd];B[nc];W[fi];B[di];W[rd];B[hc] ;W[qc];B[he];W[ob];B[ii];W[oc];B[ne];W[fe];B[ff];W[od];B[hn];W[gl] ;B[fl];W[fm];B[hm];W[ho];B[il];W[nd];B[le];W[me];B[ce];W[cd];B[mf] ;W[md];B[kd];W[ki];B[pi];W[lf];B[pl];W[kf];B[qg];W[kc];B[jc];W[jd] ;B[kb];W[lc];B[je];W[id];B[ic];W[ke];B[ig];W[ag];B[bg];W[af];B[ah] ;W[be];B[bf];W[ae];B[bh];W[rg];B[rh];W[rf];B[ph];W[oj];B[pk];W[pf] ;B[gb];W[fb];B[aq];W[dr];B[jr];W[nq];B[nr];W[mp];B[lq];W[js];B[ks] ;W[is];B[br];W[nh];B[og];W[ng];B[of];W[qf];B[oh];W[ij];B[hj];W[jj] ;B[hk];W[ge];B[gd];W[fd];B[gf];W[nf];B[oe];W[pe];B[ni];W[mi];B[mj] ;W[nj];B[oi];W[li];B[mk];W[sh];B[si];W[pm];B[qm];W[el];B[ek];W[pj] ;B[qj];W[ri];B[sg];W[sj];B[qi];W[sh];B[go];W[fn];B[si];W[cm];B[cl] ;W[sh];B[fr];W[cr];B[si];W[ls];B[sh];W[kr];B[oq];W[np];B[ms];W[pp] ;B[po];W[nl];B[nk];W[lp];B[mr];W[sf];B[qh];W[lb];B[fp];W[ar];B[as] ;W[cs];B[ap];W[fo];B[ie];W[ld];B[fa];W[ea];B[ha];W[ga];B[gp];W[ep] ;B[fa];W[db];B[jh];W[qr];B[qs];W[jb];B[ml];W[ol];B[pn];W[mm];B[oo] ;W[nn];B[er];W[gr])

Complete tournament table here.

Typhoon No Match for Cho Chikun

Thursday, October 29th, 2009
Some interesting news from the current Nihon Ki-in monthly English report: the October 7th typhoon in Tokyo affected the games scheduled for that day, and 4 out of the 41 scheduled games have been forfeited due to players being late more than one hour. I liked Cho Chikun’s dedication as he made it to the game just in time, with only 3 minutes left on his clock, by walking barefoot between 6th and 7th floors of the Nihon Ki-in buillding.

Cho Chikun

Here’s the full excerpt from the report:
Games start at 10 a.m. Mimura Tomoyasu was 14 minutes late for his Honinbo League game, but he still managed to win it. In more serious trouble was Cho Chikun, who lives in Chiba Prefecture, next to Tokyo. When his usual train stopped, he switched to a number of different lines and somehow made it to Ichigaya just before 11. His troubles weren’t over, however, as he thought his game was being played on the 6th floor, the main playing venue for professionals. Actually it was scheduled for the special playing room on the 7th floor. Cho had taken his shoes off for the Japanese-style playing room on the 6th floor; when he realized his mistake, he rushed up barefooted to the Western-style 7th floor. He made it with just three minutes left on his clock. Nothing daunted, he played the game in byo-yomi and won it. (His opponent was Kono Takayuki 7-dan, and the game was in Preliminary A of the Tengen tournament.)
Source here.

Honinbo Title: Game 6, Day 1

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
The sixth game of the Honinbo title started yesterday in Japan, and will be concluded today. Hane Naoki, title-holder, leads 3:2 so far in this match, and only needs one more win to keep his title for one more year.
Honinbo 2009, game 6
Here is the position after day one. Hane plays black.
Honinbo 2009, game 6
Takao Shinji, the challenger in this match, handed the sealed move to Cho Chikun, main referee.
Honinbo 2009, game 6
The complete tournament table is here.

Lee Changho Stops Cho Chikun in Ing Cup

Sunday, May 4th, 2008
Round 3 of Ing Cup 2008 was played on May 4th.

After defeating Chang Hao in the previous round, Cho Chikun lost to Lee Changho by 3 points.

Cho Chikun vs. Lee Changho, Ing Cup 2008

Lee Sedol of Korea defeated Kong Jie of China by 11 points.

Lee Sedol vs Kong Jie

Choi Cheolhan of Korea defeated Piao Wenyao of China by resignation. And Liu Xing of China, who seems to be the surprise of the tournament so far, defeated Park Yeonghun by resignation thus becoming the only Chinese player to play in the semifinals.

Liu Xing vs. Park Yeonghun, Ing Cup 2008

The semifinals will take place sometime in September and will consist of best-of-three matches. Lee Changho will play against Lee Sedol, and Choi Cheolhan will play against Liu Xing.

Cho Chikun defeats Chang Hao in Ing Cup

Friday, May 2nd, 2008
Cho Chikun eliminated Chang Hao of China (previous Ing Cup winner) in round 2.

Cho Chikun vs. Chang Hao, Ing Cup 2008

Looks like Cho Sensei is back in shape after his loses in Kisei and Judan earlier this year. He will play against Lee Changho in round 3. The only other Japanese player, O Meien, was eliminated by Liu Xing of China.

Next round will be played in 2 days. There are 4 players from Korea, 3 from China, and 1 from Japan.

Ing Cup 2008

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008
First round of the Ing 2008 international tournament was played yesterday in Shanghai, China. Only Cho Chikun survived from the Japanese team: he defeated Cho U who played for Taiwan in this tournament.

Takao Shinji Honinbo lost to Wang Lei of China, Yamashita Keigo Kisei lost to Gu Li of China. The only other Japanese player to play in round 2 is O Meien, who is seeded into the second round. You can see O Meien in the following photo, analyzing games from the first round (together with Otake Hideo of Japan and Cho Hunhyun of Korea, both standing).

Lee Sedol of Korea won against Hu Yaoyu of China by 5 points, but only after winning 6 points through the special Ing rule (one loses points by using extra time in the Ing Cup). Chang Hao of China and Lee Changho of Korea will be also seeded into the second round (to be played tomorrow). The most interesting game for me though was the one played by Catalin Taranu 5p of Romania (the European representative at this Ing Cup) against Piao Wenyao 5p of China. After the dust settled from a violent fight in the center of the board, Catalin (Black) ended up capturing a group of Piao’s and I thought he is ahead, but lost a large area himself in the upper left (Black 39 in the diagram eliminates the possibility of White starting a ko fight for his dead stones on the lower side, while White 40 makes sure Black cannot live in the upper left).

Catalin lost in the end, unfortunately (by 11 points). You can replay the game below.

The American representative, Jiang Mingjiu 7p, lost as well (against Liu Xing 7p of China). Can you recognize the 9p photographer from the following tournament photo?

Tournament schedule and results at Go Topics.

Takao Shinji Captures Judan Title from Cho Chikun

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
Takao Shinji won the Judan title match 3-0 against veteran Cho Chikun. Takao is also holding the Honinbo title.

Judan 2008

Cho must have been exhausted after his attempt to capture the Kisei title from Yamashita Keigo (where he was barely defeated with a 4-3 score) – which ended on March 20th. With this defeat Cho lost his last major title this year.

Here is the game record .


Judan Title: Cho Chikun – Takao Shinji 0-2

Thursday, March 27th, 2008
Takao Shinji is one win away from capturing the Judan title from Cho Chikun after winning the second game as well, since Judan follows a “best-of-five” system.

Judan 2008, game 2

After his unsuccessful attempt to capture the Kisei title from Yamashita, Cho’s last chance to hold a major title during 2008 is to defend his Judan title. (Cho defended the Judan title against Yamashita in 2007 – you can read last year’s title report on Next game will be played on April 3rd. (Links to the games: game 1 game 2)

Yamashita defeats Cho in game 7, keeps Kisei title

Thursday, March 20th, 2008
Game 7 was played on March 19 and 20, 2008. This was the last game of the series: the Kisei title is a “best of seven” match, and the score before this was 3-3. Yamashita won by resignation and kept the Kisei title.

game 7 post mortem analysis

The game became most violent in the second half, when Cho tried (unsuccessfully) to turn the tables after Yamashita took territorial advantage around move 136. (Link to the tournament page)