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Huge Go Board in Ancient Fenghuang City

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Fenghuang is an exceptionally well-preserved ancient Chinese town, according to wikipedia, with unique ethnic languages, customs, arts and architectural remains of Ming and Qing styles.

Fenghuang Ancient City

Fenghuang also has the largest Go board in the world and it hosts a match between two invited top professional players as part of a Go festival every two years. The two players are playing the game in a tower next to the board, while people costumed in black or white are moving on the huge board to mark the current position in the game.

Fenghuang Ancient City

Besides the huge Go board, there are also statues of famous professional players – can you guess who is who?

Fenghuang Ancient City

This year’s match was between Lee Sedol of Korea and Gu Li of China. The game commentary, with analysis in great detail by Lee Hajin 3p, is broadcast in English on this youtube channel.

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China wins Nongshim Cup 2008

Friday, February 22nd, 2008
I already wrote about Chang Hao’s (China) wins against Takao Shinji (Japan) and Lee Changho (Korea). That resulted in Japan being eliminated from Nongshim (Takao was the last member of Japan’s team), and Korea being down to their last member, Park Yeonghun.

Nongshim 2008 final game

Chang Hao was unstoppable and he defeated Park Yeonghun too (game record here). Some interesting action happened in the upper right quarter of the board: first Black built a huge moyo there…

… then White managed to reduce it in a spectacular fashion, but Black kept enough of it to have a good lead.

Chang Hao proved again that he is a great champion – I became his fan when he came to the WAGC in 1990 as the Chinese representative (he was 14) and he won with a perfect 8-0 score (that was my first WAGC as the Romanian representative).

The final Chinese team member, Gu Li, didn’t have to play a single game during this Nongshim Cup.