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Lee Changho Defeated By An Amateur In BC Card Cup

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Amazingly, Lee Changho lost to an amateur player (Han Taehee) in the 2nd BC Card Cup, in less than 100 moves!

Here is the game record.

(; KM[6.5] EV[2nd BC Card Cup 1st round] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] PW[Han Taehee] WR[a6] DT[2010-01-16] BR[9d] RE[W+R] PB[Lee Changho] ;B[pd];W[dd];B[qp];W[dp];B[oq];W[qf];B[nc];W[rd];B[qh];W[qc];B[qe] ;W[re];B[pf];W[pg];B[qg];W[rf];B[og];W[gc];B[pj];W[fq];B[cj];W[cl] ;B[cf];W[ch];B[bh];W[bg];B[cg];W[bi];B[bf];W[ci];B[cc];W[cd];B[bd] ;W[dc];B[bc];W[jc];B[jp];W[oo];B[po];W[lo];B[on];W[lq];B[jn];W[no] ;B[op];W[jr];B[el];W[cn];B[cq];W[er];B[iq];W[ir];B[hq];W[fn];B[gl] ;W[nr];B[lm];W[or];B[je];W[nn];B[om];W[nm];B[nl];W[jm];B[km];W[im] ;B[mp];W[lp];B[kn];W[hn];B[mq];W[mr];B[mo];W[jk];B[ej];W[bj];B[dm] ;W[dn];B[kj];W[jj];B[ji];W[ii];B[ih];W[hi];B[eh];W[jh];B[ki];W[ig] ;B[fd];W[ff];B[cm];W[bm];B[en];W[eo];B[ef];W[ee])

BC Card Cup is a mixed tournament as amaterus can also participate. There were five Korean amateurs who each managed to defeat three professional players in a row to make it through the preliminaries, but of the five ones only Han Taehee won in the main tournament.

Yu Bin, a famous Chinese player who used to be in the top a few years ago, also lost to an amateur (Na Hyun).

Here is the game record between Yu Bin 9p and Na Hyun 6 dan amateur: Yu Bin, playing black, lost by half a point.

(; RE[W+0.5] WR[a6] KM[6.5] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] PB[Yu Bin] BR[9d] EV[2nd BC Card Cup integration preliminary tournament final] DT[2010-01-13] PW[Na Hyun] ;B[pd];W[dd];B[qp];W[dp];B[fq];W[hq];B[cf];W[fc];B[bd];W[cn];B[oq] ;W[qf];B[qh];W[of];B[nd];W[pi];B[qe];W[qi];B[rf];W[qg];B[rg];W[rh] ;B[og];W[ph];B[nf];W[qn];B[dr];W[cq];B[fo];W[ho];B[fm];W[hm];B[fk] ;W[dk];B[hc];W[cc];B[ci];W[di];B[dh];W[ei];B[cj];W[ek];B[hl];W[en] ;B[fn];W[im];B[eh];W[gj];B[ep];W[bc];B[do];W[co];B[dq];W[cp];B[lq] ;W[lc];B[jc];W[oc];B[pf];W[nc];B[pc];W[md];B[cl];W[em];B[cm];W[gl] ;B[fl];W[gk];B[fj];W[fi];B[el];W[fh];B[br];W[cr];B[cs];W[bq];B[dn] ;W[bs];B[as];W[aq];B[bm];W[ar];B[hi];W[gi];B[le];W[kd];B[fb];W[eb] ;B[ie];W[je];B[jf];W[id];B[jd];W[ke];B[he];W[kf];B[ql];W[rp];B[qq] ;W[pm];B[pl];W[ol];B[ok];W[pk];B[rn];W[ro];B[pj];W[qk];B[rl];W[rk] ;B[om];W[nl];B[pn];W[qo];B[qm];W[po];B[nm];W[np];B[nq];W[mp];B[ml] ;W[nk];B[mn];W[op];B[kr];W[lo];B[mk];W[nj];B[mj];W[km];B[ni];W[oj] ;B[jg];W[lm];B[mm];W[kg];B[ji];W[kp];B[me];W[jb];B[ic];W[gd];B[hd] ;W[kc];B[pb];W[jh];B[ih];W[kh];B[hg];W[ki];B[jj];W[kj];B[jk];W[kk] ;B[mh];W[rr];B[qr];W[jr];B[rq];W[dm];B[dl];W[gf];B[hf];W[eo];B[jl] ;W[kl];B[oi];W[qj];B[gp];W[be];B[ce];W[cd];B[bf];W[ad];B[jo];W[ko] ;B[jq];W[kq];B[ir];W[lr];B[js];W[mq];B[jp];W[nr];B[jm];W[eg];B[ef] ;W[ff];B[ee];W[fd];B[sr];W[oh];B[nh];W[io];B[jn];W[il];B[or];W[iq] ;B[na];W[sg];B[pg];W[sf];B[re];W[se];B[sd];W[sh];B[rd];W[dg];B[ch] ;W[pp];B[pq];W[gb];B[hr];W[af];B[bg];W[ib];B[hb];W[ha];B[qh];W[qg] ;B[mb];W[mc];B[ka];W[lb];B[hk];W[hj];B[in];W[hn];B[ik];W[gm];B[la] ;W[oa];B[ob];W[nb];B[ma];W[od];B[gc];W[fa];B[do];W[dn];B[pa];W[kb] ;B[oe];W[gq];B[gr];W[bn];B[sk];W[sj];B[sl];W[sn];B[rm];W[ja];B[oa] ;W[ck];B[bk];W[ag];B[ah];W[ae];B[lf];W[lg];B[mg];W[mo];B[an];W[ao] ;B[am];W[on];B[pm];W[nn];B[ds];W[bs];B[ij];W[gh];B[hh];W[ne];B[bo] ;W[bp];B[nd];W[os];B[ps];W[ns];B[ls];W[mr];B[ed];W[ec];B[ne];W[go] ;B[bh];W[fg];B[ge];W[fe];B[sq];W[so];B[ks];W[hp];B[fp];W[qh];B[qf] ;W[li];B[mi])

Iyama Yuta of Japan then restored things to “the natural order” and eliminated Na Hyun. Here is the game record: Iyama Yuta, playing white, won by resignation.

(; KM[6.5] EV[2nd BC Card Cup 1st round] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] PW[Iyama Yuta] WR[9d] DT[2010-01-16] BR[a6] RE[W+R] PB[Na Hyun] ;B[qd];W[pp];B[dc];W[cp];B[ep];W[od];B[ld];W[qe];B[re];W[pe];B[rf] ;W[qc];B[rc];W[pd];B[rd];W[ph];B[qb];W[gq];B[er];W[dn];B[fo];W[ck] ;B[hp];W[dq];B[eq];W[kp];B[hq];W[de];B[ce];W[cf];B[cd];W[dg];B[fc] ;W[nq];B[ro];W[rp];B[qp];W[qo];B[qq];W[rq];B[po];W[qn];B[pq];W[op] ;B[rn];W[rr];B[qm];W[pn];B[om];W[pm];B[pl];W[on];B[nn];W[oo];B[rl] ;W[mf];B[fh];W[gf];B[dk];W[cj];B[cl];W[dl];B[co];W[do];B[dp];W[cn] ;B[bo];W[bp];B[dm];W[bl];B[el];W[cm];B[mc];W[nc];B[lf];W[lg];B[me] ;W[nf];B[kf];W[kg];B[jf];W[jg];B[ig];W[ed];B[gb];W[if];B[ie];W[ih] ;B[hg];W[hf];B[hh];W[ii];B[hi];W[id];B[he];W[ge];B[hd];W[ij];B[ol] ;W[qk];B[ql];W[hj];B[fj];W[dj];B[fg];W[ef];B[gl];W[oj];B[kr];W[cr] ;B[dr];W[cq];B[ll];W[nk];B[mm];W[lk];B[lq];W[lp];B[nr];W[mq];B[mr] ;W[or];B[jl];W[mo];B[jq];W[gd];B[hc];W[bf];B[kk];W[kj];B[mk];W[lj] ;B[mj];W[mi];B[be];W[ec];B[eb];W[ae];B[ad];W[af];B[os];W[ns];B[ms] ;W[pr];B[dd];W[nl];B[ml];W[nm];B[qj];W[pj];B[qi];W[hl];B[gm];W[in] ;B[hm];W[km];B[jm];W[kl];B[kn];W[jk];B[jn];W[ln];B[pi];W[oi];B[oh] ;W[og];B[qh];W[nh];B[pg];W[pf];B[oh];W[db];B[fd];W[ee];B[cb];W[ph] ;B[cs];W[qg];B[br];W[rj];B[rk];W[rh])

You can find the tournament table at this link; make sure to look at both top-most (main tournament) and second from the top (preliminary) tables.

Gu Li Won BC Cup 3:1

Monday, May 4th, 2009
Gu Li won the 4th game of the BC Cup final and defeated Cho Hanseung 3:1. Gu Li won 5 different international championships this past year, compared to Lee Sedol’s 2 and followed by Lee Changho and Choi Cheolhan with one each, so he is undeniably the most successful professional player by that measure. (source)
Title Winner
LG Cup Gu Li(China)
BC Card Cup Gu Li(China)
Fujitsu Cup Gu Li(China)
Toyota & Denso Cup Gu Li(China)
Chunlan Cup Gu Li(China)
Samsung Cup Lee Sedol(Korea)
Asian TV Cup Lee Sedol(Korea)
Ing Cup Choi Cheolhan(Korea)
Zhonghuan Cup Lee Changho(Korea)
Here is Gu Li being interviewed after the match.
BC Cup 2009, game 4
And here are two photos taken during the fourth game, and in the end.
BC Cup 2009, game 4
BC Cup 2009, game 4
Here is the game record of the fourth and last game: Gu Li, playing black, won by resignation.
You can find the tournament table for the BC Cup here.

BC Cup: Gu Li Leads 2:1

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009
Gu Li won game 3 in BC Cup, leads now 2:1. He only needs one more game to win the approximately 235000 USD first place prize, while Cho Hanseung needs two wins.
BC Cup 2009, game 3

Here is the game record of the third game: Gu Li, playing white, won by resignation. (Interestingly, all three games so far were won by white.)


BC Cup Final: 1:1

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
The two finalists in the international BC Cup are Gu Li of China and Cho Hanseung of Korea. To qualify in this final, Gu Li defeated Lee Wondo (Korea), Lee Jungwoo (Korea), Heo Yeongho (Korea), Piao Wenyao (China) and Cho Hunhyun (Korea, the ex-teacher of Lee Changho), while Cho Hanseung defeated Xie He (China), An Hyungjun (Korea), Iyama Yuta (Japan), Huang Yizhong (China) and Lee Sedol (Korea). The score is 1:1 so far: Gu Li won the first game but lost the second one. Here is a photo from the second game:
BC Cup 2009, game 2

Here is the game record of the first game, when Gu Li won by resignation.


And here is the game record of the second game, won by resignation by Cho Hanseung.

The next three games are scheduled in the next three days (BC Cup final is played in a best-of-five system).