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Jeongganjang Cup: Park Sohyu Eliminated Aoki Kikuyo

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

The second stage of the 8th Jeongganjang Cup has started. Park Sohyu 2p of South Korea eliminated Aoki Kikuyo 8p of Japan yesterday. In this stage one game is played every day from December 20th to 25th.

You can replay the game record below. Park Sohyu (white) won by 6.5 points.

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50] GN[8th Jeongganjang Cup]PW[Park Sohyun]PB[Aoki Kikuyo]WR[2p]BR[8p]DT[2009-12-20]EV[8th Jeongganjang Cup]RE[W+6.50]MULTIGOGM[1] ;B[qd] ;W[dc] ;B[dq] ;W[co] ;B[pp] ;W[oc] ;B[de] ;W[dh] ;B[gd] ;W[ee] ;B[ef] ;W[fe] ;B[dd] ;W[fc] ;B[cc] ;W[ec] ;B[ff] ;W[ge] ;B[cb] ;W[df] ;B[dg] ;W[cf] ;B[cg] ;W[be] ;B[ce] ;W[bf] ;B[bg] ;W[bd] ;B[cd] ;W[eg] ;B[bi] ;W[ci] ;B[bh] (;W[qp] ;B[po] (;W[qo] ;B[pn] ;W[pq] ;B[oq] ;W[qq] ;B[fg] ;W[eh] ;B[fh] ;W[fi] ;B[gi] ;W[fj] (;B[gj] ;W[gk] (;B[hh] ;W[fl] ;B[ek] ;W[fk] (;B[jc] ;W[hg] ;B[ih] ;W[ig] ;B[jh] (;W[lc] ;B[kd] ;W[jg] ;B[ld] ;W[kh] ;B[ki] ;W[li] (;B[kg] ;W[lh] ;B[kj] ;W[lj] ;B[kk] ;W[mc] (;B[nd] ;W[od] (;B[oe] ;W[pe] (;B[ne] ;W[pd] (;B[nc] ;W[nb] ;B[ob] ;W[pb] ;B[pf] ;W[kf] (;B[mb] ;W[oa] ;B[lb] ;W[lk] ;B[qe] ;W[qc] ;B[lg] ;W[bc] ;B[bb] ;W[kl] ;B[jl] ;W[jm] ;B[ik] ;W[il] ;B[jk] ;W[hc] ;B[im] ;W[km] ;B[hl] ;W[ab] ;B[af] ;W[ag] ;B[ah] ;W[gf] ;B[gh] ;W[bj] ;B[cj] ;W[db] ;B[ae] ;W[ac] ;B[ag] ;W[bk] ;B[qn] ;W[or] ;B[nq] ;W[nr] ;B[lq] ;W[ml] ;B[ei] ;W[dj] ;B[mg] ;W[ck] ;B[ad] ;W[pj] ;B[nk] ;W[nj] ;B[nl] ;W[kp] ;B[mm] ;W[nh] ;B[mr] ;W[fq] ;B[do] ;W[dn] ;B[eo] ;W[cp] ;B[eq] ;W[cq] ;B[ip] ;W[ng] ;B[nf] ;W[qg] ;B[qf] ;W[rg] ;B[ns] ;W[ps] ;B[en] ;W[dm] ;B[jq] ;W[og] ;B[of] ;W[gm] ;B[go] ;W[ql] ;B[ro] ;W[rp] ;B[qk] ;W[pk] ;B[rl] ;W[rk] ;B[rm] ;W[qj] ;B[rr] ;W[qr] ;B[sp] ;W[sq] ;B[so] ;W[rs] ;B[ln] ;W[jo] ;B[pg] ;W[ph] ;B[hd] ;W[ic] ;B[id] ;W[jb] ;B[kb] ;W[je] ;B[jd] ;W[ib] ;B[lf] ;W[mp] ;B[lp] ;W[mo] ;B[mq] ;W[lo] ;B[nn] ;W[om] ;B[nm] ;W[kn] ;B[dr] ;W[cr] ;B[rd] ;W[rc] ;B[rf] ;W[sl] ;B[em] ;W[el] ;B[mk] ;W[ll] ;B[sg] ;W[sm] ;B[rn] ;W[ri] ;B[cs] ;W[bs] ;B[ds] ;W[br] ;B[ke] ;W[jf] ;B[gc] ;W[gb] ;B[ja] ;W[ia] ;B[ka] ;W[fb] ;B[sc] ;W[sb] ;B[sd] ;W[rb] ;B[kq] ;W[no] ;B[oo] ;W[ol] ;B[on] ;W[ho] ;B[hp] ;W[gn] ;B[fo] ;W[mj] ;B[sh] ;W[hk] ;B[hj] ;W[ma] ;B[ok] ;W[mh] ;B[aj] ;W[ak] ;B[da] ;W[ea] ;B[ca] ;W[dp] ;B[ep] ;W[si] ;B[oj] ;W[oi] ;B[io] ;W[hn] ;B[in] ;W[rh] ;B[sf] ;W[ie] ;B[he] ;W[hf] ;B[hm] ;W[ch] ;B[aa] ;W[os] ;B[ms] ;W[ed] ;B[ai]) (;B[lg] ;W[mf])) (;B[pf] ;W[qe] ;B[qf] ;W[re] ;B[nc] ;W[nb] ;B[ob])) (;B[of] ;W[pd] ;B[pf] ;W[qe] ;B[qf] ;W[re] ;B[kf] ;W[hc])) (;B[kf] ;W[hc] ;B[oe] ;W[pe] (;B[pd] ;W[ne] ;B[of] ;W[md] ;B[nf] ;W[me] ;B[mf]) (;B[of] ;W[pd] ;B[pf] ;W[qe] ;B[qf] ;W[re]))) (;B[kf] (;W[mf] ;B[gc]) (;W[hc] ;B[nf]))) (;B[kj] ;W[mc] ;B[kg] ;W[lh] ;B[kf] ;W[hc] ;B[nf])) (;W[kd] ;B[kc] ;W[ld] ;B[lc] ;W[md] ;B[gc] ;W[jd] ;B[id] ;W[ie]) (;W[kf] ;B[mc])) (;B[ic] (;W[ie] ;B[lc]) (;W[hg] ;B[jh]))) (;B[hg])) (;B[hg] ;W[gj] ;B[hi] ;W[bc] ;B[bb] ;W[ab] ;B[af] ;W[ag] ;B[ah] ;W[bj] ;B[ae] ;W[jc])) (;W[pq] (;B[oq] ;W[pn] ;B[eh] ;W[qo]) (;B[qo] ;W[qq] ;B[eh] ;W[nq] ;B[pe]))) (;W[pe]) (;W[pq]) (;W[op] ;B[po] ;W[pq] ;B[qq]))

The complete tournament table is here.

Guess Who Won (4)

Monday, March 3rd, 2008
Aoki Kikuyo of Japan (left in the photo) vs. Fan Yujing of China (right) in 2008 Jeongganjang Cup.

Aoki vs. Fan

Answer: Fan Yujing won by 6.5 points.

Fan Yujing

Here is the beginning of the game (Fan plays Black):

Aoki vs. Fan

And here is an interesting exchange that took place at move 78: White (Aoki) decided to sacrifice the stones on the middle of the right hand side, but they retain potential (and came back to life later in the game).

Aoki vs. Fan

(Link to game here).

Guess Who Won (3)

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

It’s time again for the “Guess Who Won” series. Today’s photo quiz is about the 6th Jeongganjang Cup game between Aoki Kikuyo 8p (Japan) and Kim Sesil 2p (Korea):

Aoki Kikuyo Kim Sesil

Answer: Aoki won by 2.5p.

Aoki (Black) used o-moyo (big moyo) strategy – see the diagram below for the first 49 moves (complete game record here).

Aoki Kikuyo vs. Kim Sesil

Aoki’s next opponent will be Fan Yujing 2p of China (they will play later today).

Guess Who Won (2)

Friday, January 11th, 2008
In the Jan, 11th round of the 6th Jeongganjang Cup, Aoki Kikuyo 8-dan of Japan met Song Ronghui 1-dan of China.

Again, guess who won?

Game record here.

Guess Who Won?

Thursday, January 10th, 2008
In the 3rd game of 6th Jeongganjang Cup, Lee Sula 1-dan of Korea played against Aoki Kikuyo 8-dan of Japan.

I don’t know for sure who won since Go Topics hasn’t published the game record yet and I cannot read Korean… but I have my own theory about the result, given the following photos:

(By the way, behind Aoki Kikuyo one can see Jujo).