Kisei 2011- Cho U Equals the Score in Game 2

After losing the first game to challenger Iyama Yuta, Kisei title holder Cho U won the second game.

I found Iyama’s move 40 quite amazing, it is played in a place that would never occur to me, see the next diagram.

In the game black replied by connecting with the triangle marked stone. This makes move 40 a very efficient forcing move, since now white has even more forcing moves from the outside. This diagram shows the strongest continuation for white – in fact white did play this, but much later in the game.

The last diagram shows why black cannot reply aggressively in response to white 40.

Here is the complete game.

(; EV[35th Kisei title match 2] KM[6.5] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] PW[Iyama Yuta] WR[Meijin] DT[2011-01-26,27] BR[Kisei] RE[B+R] PB[Cho U] ;B[qd];W[dc];B[pq];W[cp];B[nc];W[po];B[qm];W[qq];B[mq];W[pp];B[pr] ;W[ro];B[eq];W[do];B[pj];W[qr];B[ip];W[ci];B[fd];W[hd];B[dd];W[ed] ;B[ee];W[ec];B[cc];W[fe];B[cd];W[ff];B[ef];W[fc];B[cg];W[eg];B[dg] ;W[eh];B[eo];W[en];B[fo];W[dq];B[er];W[be];B[df];W[jp];B[jo];W[kp] ;B[mo];W[io];B[ho];W[in];B[iq];W[kn];B[hn];W[im];B[dn];W[cn];B[dm] ;W[cm];B[dl];W[cl];B[ph];W[ld];B[me];W[qc];B[pc];W[le];B[mf];W[lf] ;B[lg];W[md];B[mh];W[nd];B[od];W[rd];B[rc];W[ob];B[qb];W[ng];B[nh] ;W[kg];B[qn];W[mn];B[qo];W[qp];B[no];W[nn];B[lp];W[ko];B[kr];W[mg] ;B[lh];W[og];B[pg];W[oe];B[oc];W[pf];B[qf];W[qe];B[re];W[pe];B[rg] ;W[kh];B[lb];W[bg];B[bh];W[ah];B[bf];W[af];B[ag];W[rf];B[sf];W[bg] ;B[bi];W[cf];B[ch];W[ce];B[bd];W[de];B[ad];W[ae];B[ai];W[jr];B[jq] ;W[cb];B[ag];W[kq];B[lr];W[ah];B[bb];W[ac];B[bc];W[ba];B[ab];W[oj] ;B[ok];W[db];B[ag];W[pk];B[pl];W[ah];B[dk];W[ca];B[ag];W[nk];B[qk] ;W[ah];B[bo];W[aa];B[co];W[bk];B[ck];W[bj];B[cj];W[di];B[bm];W[bl] ;B[bn];W[dh];B[ag];W[ac];B[bf];W[mb];B[al];W[mc];B[nb];W[na];B[rn] ;W[mj];B[oi];W[gl];B[fk];W[gk];B[on];W[oq];B[or];W[nr];B[nq];W[op] ;B[ns];W[ps];B[mr];W[sp];B[qs];W[rr];B[sn];W[sq];B[fi];W[gh];B[lj] ;W[lk];B[ki])

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2 Responses to “Kisei 2011- Cho U Equals the Score in Game 2”

  1. Brady says:

    If you hadn’t shown the variation after move 40, I’d shout “misclick” at the monitor or blame the scribe. A clear typo, or 30k move. :)

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Amon says:

    I`m glad that you are writing on this blog again, thank you!
    After you did not wrote something for a long time, i thought you never would again…

    I like it verry much that you make comments on the games instead of just presenting the game records … please go on with that , i (and i think a lot of other GO fans) would appreciate that very much. Greetings from germany, amon