Lee Sedol Eliminated from Nongshim Cup

The 12th Nongshim Cup started a few days ago. Lee Sedol is the first Korean player and he eliminated Wang Xi of China and Iyama Yuta of Japan in the first two rounds.

Why is Lee Sedol the first Korean player? As a reminder, Nongshim Cup follows a “winner stays at the table” system, so usually each team would put their best players last.

According to wbaduk.com, Lee Sedol specifically requested to be put in the first place, presumably because he was planning to win all his games. In the light of this news, I was very satisfied to learn that he was eliminated by Xie He in the third game. I like Lee Sedol a lot, but not when he is so over-confident. This reminded me of Yoda Norimoto of Japan, who is usually bragging a lot before the tournaments he is going to play in, but his results don’t usually match his bragging.

Here is the record of the game between Xie He (black) and Lee Sedol (white). Xie He won by resignation.

(; KM[6.5] FF[3] SZ[19] EV[12th Nongshim Cup 3rd round] GM[1] PB[Xie He] PW[Lee Sedol] BR[7d] RE[B+R] DT[2010-10-20] WR[9d] ;B[pd];W[dd];B[qp];W[dq];B[do];W[co];B[cn];W[cp];B[cf];W[fc];B[dn] ;W[fq];B[dj];W[op];B[oo];W[no];B[po];W[np];B[pq];W[nm];B[pm];W[qf] ;B[qh];W[qc];B[qd];W[pc];B[od];W[rd];B[re];W[rc];B[qe];W[nc];B[ef] ;W[bd];B[go];W[pi];B[qi];W[of];B[rf];W[pj];B[og];W[mj];B[be];W[qj] ;B[ng];W[nd];B[ne];W[me];B[nf];W[ph];B[pg];W[rm];B[ok];W[ni];B[nr] ;W[ro];B[mq];W[or];B[pr];W[jp];B[mk];W[pl];B[om];W[ol];B[nl];W[mm] ;B[lk];W[oq];B[os];W[kl];B[kk];W[jl];B[ql];W[pk];B[qm];W[rh];B[rk] ;W[qg];B[pf];W[ki];B[jk];W[ik];B[jj];W[il];B[ji];W[kh];B[mh];W[mi] ;B[rg];W[rj];B[ri];W[hi];B[ih];W[kf];B[hh];W[fi];B[ie];W[if];B[hf] ;W[je];B[he];W[ic];B[hc];W[hb];B[oc];W[ob];B[fk];W[di];B[ci];W[ej] ;B[ek];W[cj];B[dk];W[ch];B[bi];W[bh];B[bj];W[gj];B[gh];W[ce];B[bf] ;W[pp];B[qo];W[qq];B[qr];W[rq];B[rp];W[lr];B[lq];W[kq];B[lp];W[lo] ;B[kr];W[rr];B[rs];W[fh];B[ed];W[ec];B[fg];W[dg];B[df];W[kp];B[jr] ;W[fd];B[eh];W[ei];B[eg];W[dh];B[nb];W[mb];B[id];W[jc];B[jd];W[kd] ;B[ad];W[bc];B[jg];W[kg];B[jf];W[ke];B[ll];W[cl];B[ck];W[jh];B[hj] ;W[gk];B[gi];W[fj];B[lm];W[kn];B[km];W[fm];B[in];W[fo];B[gn];W[fn] ;B[gm];W[gl];B[jm];W[bl];B[dl];W[bn];B[fl];W[bk];B[ah];W[ag];B[ai] ;W[dm];B[em])

Xie He will play against Sakai Hideyuki of Japan next.

Complete tournament table here.

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4 Responses to “Lee Sedol Eliminated from Nongshim Cup”

  1. Biondy says:

    I dont think Lee Sedol really said that. I think the website was just joking about the “10 consecutive wins” thing…

  2. Hoang Anh Nguyen says:

    Lee Sedol is damn good, I hope he learns a lot from this game and become even more godly.

  3. sixko says:

    “I dont think Lee Sedol really said that.” I’m with Biondy here, doesn’t sound like Sedol. Though it is sad to see him out of the tournament already, props must be given to Xie He for doing it. I’m sure Sedol was well aware of the difficult challenge he was setting for himself in making the request, my hats of to him for doing it!

  4. dtslife says:

    Im surprised the game ended in a huge liberty fight. I thought that pros usually read it out. I also dont understand why in the game black did not cut with move 117. Was black afraid of the ko?