Cho U – Yamashita Keigo 1-0 in Judan Title Match

Just a few days after Cho U captured number one Japanese title, Kisei, from Yamashita Keigo the same two met again in the first game of the Judan title. This time Cho U is the title holder and Yamashita Keigo is the challenger.

Cho U captured Judan from Takao Shinji last year. Takao then put up a good fight in the qualification tournament to become challenger, but was defeated by Yamashita in the final of the knock-out tournament that decided the challenger.

Cho U started his defense of the Judan title well and won the first game. The next game will be played on March 25th.

Here is the game record: Cho U played black and won by resignation.

(; KM[6.5] EV[48th Judan title match 1] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] PW[Yamashita Keigo] WR[Tengen] DT[2010-03-04] BR[Judan] RE[B+R] PB[Cho U] ;B[pd];W[dd];B[qp];W[dq];B[co];W[op];B[oq];W[nq];B[pq];W[dl];B[np] ;W[mq];B[no];W[kp];B[iq];W[fp];B[cq];W[dp];B[io];W[cp];B[lo];W[ip] ;B[jp];W[ko];B[hp];W[km];B[kq];W[lp];B[pj];W[nn];B[mo];W[ll];B[on] ;W[nc];B[lj];W[om];B[nl];W[mk];B[nm];W[mj];B[pf];W[mh];B[jd];W[hd] ;B[me];W[ce];B[jf];W[hf];B[cc];W[dc];B[hc];W[gc];B[ic];W[pb];B[qc] ;W[lc];B[gb];W[fc];B[nd];W[le];B[ld];W[kd];B[md];W[kc];B[ke];W[mc] ;B[lf];W[dj];B[cm];W[cl];B[il];W[jj];B[bp];W[bq];B[bl];W[bk];B[bn] ;W[kn];B[qb];W[ie];B[je];W[oc];B[dm];W[em];B[en];W[fm];B[fn];W[gm] ;B[br];W[cr];B[aq];W[go];B[ck];W[al];B[bm];W[dk];B[cj];W[bj];B[ci] ;W[bi];B[gn];W[hn];B[ho];W[hm];B[eo];W[gr];B[ep];W[hr];B[fq];W[fr] ;B[eq];W[er];B[ok];W[cq];B[ig];W[hh];B[ji];W[ii];B[hg];W[gg];B[ki] ;W[ih];B[jh];W[kk];B[cb];W[oi];B[pi];W[db];B[bd];W[ph];B[qh];W[be] ;B[ca];W[od];B[jb];W[kb];B[gf];W[gh];B[pc];W[fb];B[if])

You can see also the complete tournament table here.

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