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Iyama Yuta Takes the Lead in Meijin 2:1

Friday, September 25th, 2009
Iyama Yuta took the lead in his Meijin title challenge when he defeated title holder Cho U by resignation in game three.

The game record is here.

Here is the video of the game commentary by Takao Shinji:

Game four is scheduled for October 7th and 8th. The complete tournament table can be found here.

Aoki Kikuyo Stopped Wang Chenxing In Jeongganjang Cup

Friday, September 25th, 2009
Aoki Kikuyo 8p of Japan defeated Wang Chenxing 2p of China in Jeongganjang Cup after the latter defeated three opponents in a row.

The game record is here.

Aoki Kikuyo’s next opponent is Park Sohyun 2p of South Korea – on December 20th.

Meijin Game 3, Day 1

Thursday, September 24th, 2009
The third game of the Japanese Meijin title started yesterday and will be concluded today. The score is 1:1 so far. Iyama Yuta, the challenger in this match, sealed move 86 at the end of day one.


Here is the game situation just before the sealed move. Where do you think Iyama’s sealed move was?


Wang Chenxing Wins Third Game in Jeongganjang Cup

Thursday, September 24th, 2009
Wang Chenxing eliminated Yun Jihee 2p of South Korea, thus winning three consecutive games in Jeongganjang Cup.
Last year, Song Ronghui (now 5p) and Li He 1p of China eliminated the 5 member teams of China and Japan. Will the result this year be similar?

The game record is here. Wang Chenxing played white and won by resignation.

(; RE[W+R] BR[2d] EV[8th Jeongganjang Cup 3rd round] WR[2d] PB[Yun Jihee] FF[3] SZ[19] GM[1] KM[6.5] DT[2009-09-24] PW[Wang Chenxing] ;B[qd];W[dd];B[pq];W[oc];B[kd];W[qg];B[pe];W[qj];B[dp];W[po];B[qo] ;W[qn];B[qp];W[oe];B[pg];W[pf];B[od];W[nd];B[of];W[pd];B[qf];W[qc] ;B[rd];W[nf];B[ng];W[mf];B[mg];W[lf];B[ql];W[qh];B[ol];W[oh];B[og] ;W[nj];B[rc];W[kh];B[fc];W[pn];B[rl];W[rn];B[nm];W[no];B[nq];W[mq] ;B[mr];W[lq];B[lr];W[kq];B[lm];W[or];B[oq];W[kr];B[lj];W[li];B[mi] ;W[mj];B[lk];W[mh];B[lg];W[pl];B[pm];W[pk];B[qm];W[kg];B[lh];W[ki] ;B[nh];W[ni];B[rf];W[mn];B[kn];W[ph];B[nr];W[gq];B[go];W[ko];B[jo] ;W[ln];B[km];W[jp];B[lo];W[kp];B[io];W[ic];B[id];W[jc];B[df];W[ef] ;B[dg];W[eg];B[cc];W[de];B[dc];W[dh];B[hd];W[hc];B[gd];W[jd];B[je] ;W[ke];B[bg];W[bh];B[ch];W[ci];B[cg];W[di];B[be];W[cn];B[jf];W[mh] ;B[pf];W[ig];B[mi];W[rg];B[ok];W[oj];B[sf];W[on];B[om];W[sn];B[hq] ;W[hr];B[iq];W[ir];B[fq];W[gp];B[fp];W[fr];B[hp];W[gr];B[dm];W[rq] ;B[nn];W[qr];B[pr];W[ls];B[ck];W[ek];B[fi];W[cl];B[cm];W[bl];B[kf] ;W[le];B[ej];W[dk];B[eh];W[gj];B[fj];W[fk];B[fg];W[gh];B[fh];W[bm] ;B[gk];W[mh];B[mo];W[mp];B[mi];W[hj];B[gl];W[hf];B[mm];W[np];B[ri] ;W[rj];B[he];W[ff];B[gf];W[gg];B[fe];W[ge];B[sr];W[rp];B[gf];W[ee] ;B[ce];W[ge];B[rs];W[qs];B[gf];W[fo];B[ge];W[gn];B[ik];W[mh];B[ms] ;W[os];B[mi];W[dj];B[ed];W[mh];B[mc];W[lc];B[mi];W[jg])

Here is a video related to this game: a little bit of images from the actual game, then mostly about the post-game analysis.

Jeongganjang Cup: Wang Chenxing defeated Yoshida Mika

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009
Wang Chenxing 2p of China eliminated her second opponent as well, Yoshida Mika 8p of Japan.
Wang Chenxing, on the left side in the photos, won the game by resignation.
The game record is here.
Wang Chenxing’s next opponent is Yun Jihee 2p of South Korea.

Jeongganjang Cup: Wang Chenxing vs. Kim Yunyoung

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
In the debut of this year’s Jeongganjang Cup, Wang Chenxing 2p of China (left side in the photo) eliminated Kim Yunyoung 1p of S. Korea.


Wang Chenxing won the game by 10.5 points. But for some reason she didn’t look very happy at the end of the game, according to this photo:


She cheered up soon though, when congratulated by team member Song Ronghui 5p:


The game record is here.

Photo sources here and here.

8th Jeongganjang Cup

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Women’s Jeongganjang Cup started today. This is a competition between Japan, South Korea and China. Each of the three teams has five members. When losing, a player is eliminated. When winning, a player keeps playing, an the opponents alternate between members of the other two countries.


Here are the players of each team:


  • Aoki Kikuyo 8p
  • Yoshida Mika 8p
  • Umezawa Yukari 5p
  • Suzuki Ayumi 4p
  • Mukai Chiaki 3p

South Korea:

  • Park Jieun 9p
  • Kim Hyeoimin 5p
  • Park Sohyun 2p
  • Yun Jihee 2p
  • Kim Yunyoung 1p


  • Ye Gui 5p
  • Song Ronghui 5p
  • Cao Youyin 3p
  • Li He 2p
  • Wang Chenxing 2d

Here is a video from the opening ceremony:

Complete tournament table here.

Cho U – Iyama Yuta 1:1 in Meijin

Thursday, September 17th, 2009
Iyama Yuta won the second game of the Meijin title match by resignation, thus evening the score so far.
Meijin 2009, game 2

The game record is here. The beginning of the game looked strange to me – Cho U (white) built a lot of central influence by choosing to play two avalanche joseki, but all that influence got ruined pretty quickly… at least that’s my perception.

Here is a video commentary by Cho Chikun:

Complete tournament table here. Game three will be played on September 24th and 25th.

Meijin Title: Cho U Wins First Game

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Cho U, Japanese Meijin title-holder, won the first game in this year’s title match against challenger Iyama Yuta by half a point.

Meijin 2009, game 1

Here is the game record.

The next game will be played on September 16, 17.

Tournament table here.

Mejin Title, Game 1, Day 1

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
The Japanese Meijin title has started today. Challenger Iyama Yuta, 8 dan, is trying to capture the title from Cho U who holds 5 of the 7 major Japanese Go titles. Here is the game record of day one – the game will be concluded today.

Meijin Title 2009, game 1, day 1

And here is a photo of Iyama handing the sealed move at the end of day one to referee Ishida Yoshio 9 dan.

Meijin Title 2009, game 1, day 1

Complete tournament table here.