Chang Hao Wins Chunlan Cup

Chang Hao of China defeated Lee Changho of South Korea 2:0 in the final of the international Chunlan Cup. This must have been particularly pleasing for the sponsor, since Chunlan is a Chinese company.

Chang Hao, Chunlan Cup 2009 winner

Here is the game 1 record. Chang Hao, playing black, won by resignation in 241 moves.


Here is a photo from the beginning of game 1: Chang Hao is on the left hand side. Chen Zude, one of the veteran Chinese professional players, is watching the game from the referee table.

Chang Hao, Chunlan Cup 2009 winner

And here is the game 2 record. Chang Hao, playing white, won by resignation in 176 moves.


In the playoff for the 3rd place, Kong Jie of China defeated his countryman Zhou Heyang.

Complete tournament table here, and more photos from this final here, here, here and here.

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2 Responses to “Chang Hao Wins Chunlan Cup”

  1. Omar says:


    i think it is 192 moves before resignation ,, ??

    did it come (176) in the 2nd game by mistake?

  2. Hi Omar,

    Nice attention to detail on your part, thank you for your comment/question.

    Actually the last move of the game really is the one mentioned; the rest is a variation showed on the Cyberoro game commentary – but I don’t know how to mark it as such in SGF.