BC Cup Final: 1:1

The two finalists in the international BC Cup are Gu Li of China and Cho Hanseung of Korea. To qualify in this final, Gu Li defeated Lee Wondo (Korea), Lee Jungwoo (Korea), Heo Yeongho (Korea), Piao Wenyao (China) and Cho Hunhyun (Korea, the ex-teacher of Lee Changho), while Cho Hanseung defeated Xie He (China), An Hyungjun (Korea), Iyama Yuta (Japan), Huang Yizhong (China) and Lee Sedol (Korea). The score is 1:1 so far: Gu Li won the first game but lost the second one. Here is a photo from the second game:
BC Cup 2009, game 2

Here is the game record of the first game, when Gu Li won by resignation.


And here is the game record of the second game, won by resignation by Cho Hanseung.

The next three games are scheduled in the next three days (BC Cup final is played in a best-of-five system).

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One Response to “BC Cup Final: 1:1”

  1. Biondy says:

    Gu Li won the third game.
    Wonder who’ll win this…