Cho U Takes the Lead in Judan Title

Cho U won game three in his Judan title challenge against Takao Shinji, and leads 2:1. Judan is played in a best-of-five system, so one more win will give Cho the title.
Tengen Title 2009, game 3

Here is the game record .


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2 Responses to “Cho U Takes the Lead in Judan Title”

  1. Luiz B says:

    If he take the Juudan Title he will be a 5 title holder, i think anymore else dint that in the hystory of japanese go.

  2. Vesa says:

    Sakata Eio in 1964 still contests with the number of titles held in one year though not directly comparable. Incidentally, Judan title was the only major title he missed that year.