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Hye Yeon Says Good-Bye

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

In what seems to be her last blog entry in English for now, Hye Yeon Cho, 8 dan professional from S. Korea, wrote that she’s going to stop her English blog in order to be able to focus on growing her professional career:

I wanted to share Baduk with friends in the foreign countries. But now I realize that it is no longer possible for me. To be a better player, I decide not to come here anymore. If I were a strong player, I could be a teacher or a good friend of yours. I absolutely do not deserve your attention, so I will leave my precious friends and sit down before the Baduk board.

I wrote about Hye Yeon’s blog several times. Too bad we lose this unique Go resource for the English Go community – I personally know of no other such strong professional player who keeps an English blog.

Thank you, good-bye, and good luck, Hye Yeon!

Cho U 2-0 in Tengen Title Challenge

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Cho U won the second game as well in his challenge for the Tengen title against Kono Rin. This victory brings him just one victory away from capturing Tengen. Third game will be played on December 4th.

Here is the game record. I was very impressed by move 141 made by Cho U: it’s a killing move that defies the “Don’t attach against stones you are attacking”. On second though, maybe it is not defying it at all, since this is not an attacking move, but a killing move…


Also, here is the game record from the first game.


Cho U Defends Meijin, Very Close to Capturing Oza

Sunday, November 16th, 2008
Cho U (right hand side in the photo below) defended his Meijin title at the limit, 4-3, against the very talented Iyama Yuta, who was at his first major title challenge. Iyama missed the chance to become Kisei challenger as well when he lost the challenger deciding playoff game against Yoda Norimoto, last month.
Meijin 2008 title
Here’s the decisive game of this year’s Meijin title:
Cho is also doing very well in his Oza title challenge against Yamashita Keigo: he’s leading 2-0, and since Oza title consists of a best-of-five match, he only needs one more win to capture this title as well. Next game will be played on December 1st.
Oza 2008 title
Also, Cho had a good debut in his challenge for the Tengen title against Kono Rin: we won the first game. Second game will be played on November 20th.