New Record in Computer-Go

After defeating a 5 dan professional on 9×9 in an even game earlier this year, the computer-Go program Mogo broke a record on the normal, 19×19 size board, by winning against an 8 dan professional with 9 stones handicap. During a demonstration match at this year’s US Go Congress, a 19×19, 1 hour thinking time game was arranged between Mogo and Kim MyungWan 8p of Korea. The computer program took 9 stones handicap and won by 1.5 points. Here is the game record with a few variations shown by Kim MyungWan after the game. (You can also download it).
A similar 19×19/9 handicap game was played also at the time of the 9×9 match earlier this year; at that time, though, Catalin Taranu 5p won easily with 9 stones.

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2 Responses to “New Record in Computer-Go”

  1. Biondy says:

    Emm… Sorin, I have question. How to put that CGoban in a website? Can I put it in my blog too??

  2. Sorin says:

    Biondy: if you mean the game replayer, that’s not CGoban, it’s Eidogo.
    Here are the instructions of how to put it on a website: