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Cho Hye Yeon in Korean Newspaper

Thursday, June 12th, 2008
Just found an article about Cho Hye Yeon’s blog in the English section of the Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo: “Student’s Blog Takes Baduk to a Global Audience”. According to wikipedia, Chosun Ilbo is one of the major newspapers in South Korea. I wrote about Hye Yeon and her wonderful blog in the past as well. Very recently (yesterday, actually), she defended the honor of the female team in the GG Auction Cup, stopping Kim Jongsoo. (This is a Korean tournament between female players and senior male players. The first in the senior team was the famous Jimmy Cha (Cha Minsoo is his Korean name) who eliminated 5 female players before being finally defeated by Lee Minjin. She defeated 4 more seniors before losing to Kim Jongsoo). Here’s Hye Yeon playing agains Kim Jongsoo:

Photo after the game:

The lids of stone bowls signed by the two players. Guess which one is signed by Hye Yeon:

Very luckily for the American Go players, Hye Yeon will visit the US Go Congress this year!

Honinbo Title: 3-0 for Takao

Thursday, June 12th, 2008
Takao Shinji won the 3rd game as well in this year’s Honinbo Title. As the system is best-of-seven, one more win will assure Takao of holding the title for one more year. The challenger, Hane Naoki (on the left hand side in the photo below), will have to win four games in a row now to capture the title.

Takao won 3rd game in Honinbo defense

Honinbo Title, game 3, day 1

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
Just a quick reminder that the third game of the Honinbo Title started yesterday, and it will conclude today. Position after day 1:

Game record, game 3, day 1

Photo of the title holder, Takao Shinji, handling the sealed move to the referee, Ishida Yoshio 9 dan.

Sealed move

Link to photo source.

Quadruple Ko

Monday, June 9th, 2008
There was a recent quadruple ko between Kono Rin Tengen and Akiyama Jiro 8 dan. Here is the final position (image source here):

Quadruple Ko

As always in such positions when no side can afford to give up the ko fight, the game resulted in a draw.

Fujitsu Cup: China’s Doing Great

Saturday, June 7th, 2008
A new elimination round was played in Fujitsu Cup 2008. China is doing great, with 3 players in the quarterfinals; Korea has only 1 player left, while Japan was eliminated. Chang Hao of China defeated Park Yeonghun of Korea by resignation:

Lee Changho of Korea defeated Yoda Norimoto of Japan by 3.5 points:

Liu Xing of China defeated Cho Hanseung of Korea by 1.5 points:

Gu Li of China defeated Lee Sedol of Korea by resignation:

Jujo and Rui Naiwei analyze together with Lee Sedol his loss against Gu Li:

Go in the News: French Students Learn About Go in Taiwan

Saturday, June 7th, 2008
According the China Post, a group of visiting French students in Taiwan are learning, among other cultural activities, about the game of Go as well:
“During their travel-study program, organized in collaboration with Taiwan’s Mandarin Daily News, the children attend Chinese language lessons in the morning and take cultural activities in the afternoon, such as puppetry, calligraphy, the game of go and kung fu.”