Kisei Title: Cho closes the gap

Kisei game 5 ended with Cho’s 3.5 points victory.

Cho Chikun after winning game 5 of 2008 Kisei

One of the most interesting parts of the game was the sacrifice that Cho (playing Black) made on the right side instead of living by playing in 3×3 (see the sequence shown in the next 2 diagrams): as a result, he got thickness into the center that translated later, among other advantages, into a quite large territory on the lower side.

The score is now 3-2 for Yamashita. Next game is on March 12th.

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5 Responses to “Kisei Title: Cho closes the gap”

  1. Biondy says:

    Cho played great in this game. The next match will be very interesting.
    But I think Yamashita would defend his title, but who know.

  2. Vesa says:

    Hi Sorin, I enjoy your blog quite a lot. No one has mentioned the odd two-step ko that was left unfinished in the end though? Luckily the result didn’t depend on that one.

  3. Sorin says:

    Biondy: if Cho wins the next game, then I think he has better chances (historically and statistically speaking) to win the title.

    Vesa: Indeed, it is strange to see the leftover ko – it reminds me of that famous incident involving Go Seigen, when he refused to fill in a ko (to avoid a half point loss) invoking the fact that the opponent has no ko-threats. And then, when he was told that the Nihon Ki-in rules state that a ko should be closed, he said he’s not a Nihon Ki-in member.

    In this case I’m not sure what happened. I just checked, and the 3.5p win for Cho (which is the official score) is without White defending. Maybe it was because not only Black has no ko threats, but also White can eliminate the double ko by capturing from above? Maybe we should ask Robert Jasiek, the Go rules guru.

  4. Biondy says:

    I think if Cho won the ko he would led about 30 points, but because Yamashita won it (Cho didn’t continue), he lose 3.5 points.

  5. Sorin says:

    Sure, Vesa’s question though was about whether Yamashita needs to defend in the end or not in order to eliminate the ko.