First Go News of 2008

In the first Go News of 2008, Rui Naiwei defeated Cho Hyeyeon in the first game of the 9th Female Myeongin (Korean equivalent of the Japanese Meijin). The link to the game record is here.

Rui Naiwei is already famous worldwide that she doesn’t need any more introduction. About Cho Hyeyeon (with the alternative spelling: “Hye Yeon”, as she writes on her own English blog) I wrote briefly in another blog entry. You can find more games of both players at by looking them up in the players page (partial names work too).

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2 Responses to “First Go News of 2008”

  1. VincentV says:

    It’s a pitty Yeon lost. I had a look at the Kifu, Rui Naiwei was cruel ^^

  2. Sorin says:

    The game started as a fierce fight.

    I cannot take sides thought :-)

    I’ve known Rui Naiwei personally while I was an insei in Japan (she and Jujo spent a lot of time in Japan in ‘94-’95) so I came to respect her a lot.

    I also like Hye Yeon which I came to know through her English blog, so all I can say is that I’ll enjoy the title games between the two ladies!