Kiseido Publishes Out-of-Print Books in PDF Format

This is very cool news: Kiseido Digital is extending their PDF offer soon, to include out-of-print Go books. (I also wrote a blog entry when I first heard about their PDF GoWorld offering.) Here are the first PDF Go books that will be available:
  • What’s your Rating?, by Miyamoto Naoki
  • Kato’s Attack and Kill, by Kato Masao
  • Enclosure Josekis, by Takemiya Masaki
  • All About Thickness, by Ishida Yoshio
  • The Breakthrough to Shodan, by Miyamoto Naoki.
They seem to sell them together, as a “bookshelf”, for a total price of US$39.95.

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2 Responses to “Kiseido Publishes Out-of-Print Books in PDF Format”

  1. Should that second title read “Kato’s ATTACK and Kill”, rather than “Attach”? It seems like an obvious typo, since I’ve heard of “attack and kill” but never this one, but I’m not sure since both Kiseido and you have typed it this second way.

    Great, great blog and website, by the way :) Keep it going!

  2. Sorin says:

    Thanks for pointing out the mistake, Adrian – fixed now. I just copy-pasted the titles from Kiseido, didn’t notice the typo myself.

    Of course, “Attach and Kill” doesn’t make sense, maybe “Attach and Live” does :-) – thinking of the Go proverb “Don’t play in contact to stones you are attacking”.