Cho won the 45th Judan title 3-2

Cho Chikun defended the Judan title 3-2! He won the last game by 3.5 points. Interestingly, this last game was played on a Western-style table, instead of the traditional tatami mat – see pictures here and here. I am very glad Cho Sensei won – he is one of the last representatives of the old Kitani School that is still competing successfully with the newer generation of players in Japan.

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10 Responses to “Cho won the 45th Judan title 3-2”

  1. eb says:

    why did they play on a table? it does not look nice.

  2. Sorin says:

    No idea why they played on a table – looks like an international tournament, rather than a Japanese title :-)

    Maybe one of them had some sort of leg injury or so?

    The only other occasion I know this happened was when Cho was playing a title in 1985 or so with Kobayashi Koich, and they played on a table, with Cho in a wheelchair – he was recovering from a motorcycle accident.

  3. Solomon says:

    Woohoo, I am also glad that Cho won, though I have to give it to Yamashita in the final game for some very interesting plays! I notice in the pictures that they seem to have a lot of items on their tables, I wonder if they’re all just snacks and drinks :p.

  4. It’s interesting to see old man Cho kickin’ some “young” pro butt, but it’s not good news for Japanese go, which can’t overperform Kitanis students for so long. Young Yamashita is just slightly younger then Lee ChangHo for example.

  5. Sorin says:

    Yamashita has proven himself as being a top player many times, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

    Just a couple of months ago he defended his Kisei title 4-0 against Kobayashi Satoru, another top player from the older Kiitani school generation.

    I think it’s just that Cho Chikun is such a terrific player – cannot be bad news from Japanese Go :-)

  6. I was little too sharp in previous post. I mean it’s not so bad loosing from Cho, but I would still prefere some new dojo spitting out bloodthirsty cubs.

  7. VincentV says:

    No way Cho (The Devil) is gonna be beaten by anyone :D . Go Cho!!!

  8. Sorin says:

    Cho “The Devil” ?? Is this an official nickname? :-)

  9. MrOoijer says:

    The Final of the 43rd Judan League (2005-02-03) between Takao Shinji and Cho Chikun was also played “western style”. There were pictures of it on the Sankei site. Maybe they still are, I am too lazy to look them up.

    There are some people that mentioned to me that Cho is sometimes still aching from his traffic indicent in 1986. Anyway, thanks Sorin for a great site and a nice article about this Judan match.

  10. Sorin says:

    Thanks for explaining, MrOoijer – it makes sense now. It is still interesting, though – why only the finals are like that.
    I am glad you liked the Judan article. Of course, it’s nothing compared to your superb website about Cho Sensei.