Beyond joseki – and Go World

I wrote a new lesson: “Beyond joseki”. The reason was that I already found enough (as in 3) English Go literature references to professionals playing tenuki in the famous close-combat taisha joseki (which is famous for getting one into trouble even without playing tenuki…). The most recent source I found a taisha tenuki example in was Go World 43, which was published way back in 1986. I bought one copy of each older issue that Kiseido still had in stock about 1-2 years ago, but only very recently (couple of weeks ago) started to read them. What I do is read on the bus the articles and problems, and study the game commentaries at home, on a real goban. This is how I found the wonderful “Commentary on a Commentary” article with 3 young professionals that comment in 1985 on that year’s Meijin title game 2; then Takemiya sensei comes and comments on their comments. One of the 3 young professionals was Tei Meiko sensei, who was insei instructor when I was insei in Japan. And back to Go World: even with getting all available printed archive issues, I only used to have the issues from 40 to 108. I’ll soon have the whole collection, though, in PDF format, since I just ordered it online from

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