Fujitsu Cup 2007

The International Fujitsu Cup 2007 started this weekend – and unfortunately everybody’s favorite “pro killer” amateurs – Fernando Aguilar and Jie Li – were eliminated in the first round. I wrote a few thoughts on their games – unfortunately none of them seem to have had any chance. Of the two, Aguilar’s game is by far the more exciting. Official matches between amateurs and professionals are unfair both ways: they are unfair for the amateur player, because the professional player has so much more experience and is playing Go for a living, but they are also unfair for the professional player because of the psychological pressure involved: there is nothing special if the amateur loses, actually that is 99% the expected result, while it’s such a painful outcome for the professional to lose…

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One Response to “Fujitsu Cup 2007”

  1. VincentV says:

    It’s gotta be really cool to play pros evenly in a serious game. Aquilars way of playing is really spectacular :D

    Thank you very much for uploading and commenting the game, great job!