There is a new volume of the Hikaru-no-Go manga coming out tomorrow: number 9 of the series:

Hikaru-no-Go manga, number 9

Each time I visited Japan (I participated 3 times in the World Amateur Go Championship as the Romanian representative), and also while I lived in Japan as an insei, I noticed a lot of people (mostly men) reading manga (comics) on the train in the Tokyo area, during their commute between home and work. I never got interested in manga while in Japan – I always regarded it as some sort of childish activity for people who don’t have time to read real books. I only understood the manga phenomenon when I first read Hikaru-no-Go, years later: maybe it is because of the Go topic, or because it is about the places where I lived for one and a half years (both Nihon Ki-in and the Igo Kenshu Center are very accurately depicted), or just because it’s well written – but I enjoyed it a lot, and found it really awesome! I also found it to be an excellent way to attract kids to Go: I showed the first few video episodes to my 6 years old daughter and a couple of her friends her age, and they immediately wanted to play Go! I really hope they’ll make some follow up to the original story, and have … <removed spoiler from here>

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5 Responses to “Hikaru-no-Go”

  1. Jay says:

    I agree with you on a number of points. I have never been a fan of manga or anime, but when I encountered HnG, it was when I was first learning go, and I downloaded all the episodes and watched them, many with my (then) 8-year-old daughter. Who also wanted to learn to play go as a result.

    Since then, I have bought the books (which my daughter loves) and have been actually purchasing the English DVDs as they come out.

    Sadly enough, the English voice actors they hired for the translated anime are TERRIBLE. They can’t even pronounce the Japanese words that are in there by necessity, and put accents in all the wrong places and whine… both my daughter and I agree that watching them in Japanese with the English subtitles is preferable.

  2. Sorin says:

    Hi Jay,
    Yes, the English voices are definitely terrible – but my daughter is too young to be able to read TV subtitles…

  3. Sorin says:

    Hi xed_over, your comment made me realize that I had a major spoiler in my blog entry.
    I took that out, and consequently I had to remove your comment as well – sorry about that, it was my fault to start with.
    Thanks a lot for the hint!

    Lets keep the end of the story secret for those who haven’t yet read the whole Hikaru-no-Go :-)

  4. xed_over says:


    yeah, we don’t want to tell people that Bruce Willis was a ghost the whole time, do we :)

  5. Sorin says:

    Come on, xed_over, you spoiled the plot again… :-)